Why Use Washi Tapes? 3 Major Highlights

Why use washi tapes?

What is so good about it?

Why do you need to add more stuff into your already-full-of-craft-and-stationery stash?

Why use washi tapes? 3 major highlights: adhesive, removable, easy to use | Washimagic.com

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Well, honestly speaking, it’s really not necessary if you don’t want to.


Reasons as to why you should use washi tape


However, these tiny cute tapes can definitely add interesting elements to your projects.

If you were a newbie to crafts, it’s easier than coloring.

If you’ve been doing crafts for years, you have more options to make your projects stunning.

If I were to sum up 3 main points of using washi tapes, they’d be…

  • Adhesive
  • Removable & re-positionable
  • Easy to use

There are definitely many other usage.  But for now, we just focus on these 3 major features.

Can be removed and repositioned easily

Remove and stick again


The biggest function for decorative masking tape is the adhesive part.

I don’t know why… but for some reasons, I’m drawn to personalized stuff like personalized ribbons and tapes.  For instance, you have your name or greetings printed on ribbons or normal masking tape.

I think this is one of the reasons wanting to have such kind of personalized masking tape.

I remembered thinking about this…”It’d be pretty cool to have my future company name printed on ribbons or masking tape…”

It’s so subtle which I almost overlooked.

And that’s why I was so delighted to have come across washi tapes.

They are way better than normal masking tapes in terms of materials, patterns, texture, colors to just name a few.

By the way, the personalized name on tapes that I’m talking about here is just an analogy.  It’s not about having personalized name on washi tape although you can have your own designs nowadays.  I’m actually referring to the unique and beautiful designs on washi tapes.


The adhesive…

…is sticky enough but not messy.  Unlike other glue or cellophane tape which will leave glue residue.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to compare with other normal tapes because each type has its own use and function.  Just want to let you know the difference.

For some well-known brands, the adhesive is strong which means you can stick on paper with no issues or stick on the wall if you like.

Plus, the glue is even on the masking tapes.  This means you can feel the stickiness on the tape but it’s a nice one since it’s not gluey and troublesome.


Removable & repositionable…

…because of the ‘well-balanced and non-sticky glue’ on deco tape (is this the right way to describe it?), you can easily remove it and reposition to your preferred place.

No scratches or stickiness on the original surface.  (Hint: it’s recommended to remove slowly and gently on certain surface.)


Can be torn easily by hand

It is easy to tear by hand


Easy to use…

…because of the first 2 points listed above, washi tape is so easy to use.  You can stick on your planner, mark your calendar, decorate your wall and cabinet, transform ordinary stuff into something extraordinary.

Oh, you can also tear by hand if you can’t find any scissors or cutter!

If you are into card making, you can use beautiful paper tapes to create some gorgeous cards in no time!


Easy to use washi tape

It is easy to apply and make your stuff stunning (sample is a mobile phone case)


Other than the 3 main points mentioned above, you can easily personalize your projects because of the wide range of beautiful designs, colors and patterns on these paper tapes.

This is the main reason as to why we I use washi tape.

It helps to personalize and stand out from the crowd.

Do you agree?

Click here to see these gorgeous washi tapes!


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