Why Join The Washimagic Mailing List?

Really, why join the WashiMagic mailing list?  Why do you want to subscribe to another email newsletter?  Especially when you already have too many in your inbox?

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You may have noticed there are a few sign-up boxes on my blog.  If not, just pause here and take a look 🙂  Otherwise, sign up right here.

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No time to read my long-winded story now?  No problem, jump straight to the “Why” plus screenshots here.

Done?  Great!  Welcome back here!

The purpose of this article today is simply to share with you, “Why join my mailing list?  Why subscribe to some unknown newsletters?”

I hear you.  I feel the same.

Nowadays, collecting emails is pretty common, especially doing business online.  It doesn’t matter if you join a mailing list because of the discount coupon or the free business checklist you’d like to know more about.

Of course, there are many more attractive bonuses and incentives just by giving your name and email address.

This is similar to when you personally walk past a stall or store, and someone approaches you wanting to sell something (whatever) to you, and they require you to register your name and contact number.

Depending on the situation, either you happily write down your contact because you genuinely like the product or service, or you simply run away as fast as possible.

Guess what?  I’ve tried both.  What about you?

I can tell you honestly that I’ve signed up for so many newsletters that I almost lost count.

There are many reasons for joining, such as insider reports, coupon codes, freebies, printables, checklists, giveaways, and so on.  Some other reasons are because of the blogs or websites that I really like.  If you have read a little bit more about me, you’ll know that being a multi-passionate person can be a headache sometimes.

Side note: I’m not sure if “multi-passionate” is a special term.  But I certainly learn this word from Marie.  Click here to find out if you are interested.

My inbox is always full of emails waiting for me to open, read, and clean.  I know some people have someone else to scan the emails first, but not me.  I still like to open mine for now.

No wonder my relative never has her email app installed on her smartphone.  Otherwise, your inbox follows you everywhere 24/7!

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It’s gotten under control recently, though.  I spent some time thinking and cleaning my inbox.  First, I think about why I joined in the first place.  Second, am I still interested in the same topic?  Third, are there any changes that do not resonate with me anymore?

Therefore, it took me a short amount of time to unsubscribe.  There are a few I waited a little bit longer… so it’s either the emails stay or leave.  However, I join others again after cleaning…

Am I insane talking about unsubscribing now?

This brings me to the following reasons why join the WashiMagic mailing list…

Yes, once you subscribe, you can unsubscribe easily anytime.  Some may ask you questions about why so that the emails can be improved.  But you can leave it as it is.

Note: Of course, it’s sad to see you go, but I respect your decision.

Update Aug 2022:

I have kinda revamped the current newsletter in terms of the service provider, content, and layout.  You’ll expect a weekly email newsletter every Tuesday.  Just a heads up, I may sometimes email you 2-3 times a week to let you know about some awesome deals and freebies!  Rest assured that you’ll only get more emails when I have some special things to announce.

You will also receive exclusive freebies/offers you can’t find on the blog and inside the free resources library.  The pictures below are examples of free stationery paper printables.

New email sample | Join Washi Magic blog mailing list | Washimagic.com
New email sample | Join Washi Magic blog mailing list | Washimagic.com

Here’s a sample of the actual new email format should you want to find out more.

Update Aug 2022: Below is the old newsletter format.  I think it’s better to keep the info here so that I can look back at how things have changed. 🙂

Once you join my mailing list, you can look forward to receiving my newsletter bi-weekly.  I may send more in between these 2 emails or sometimes even less.

Tell you something, I even forgot to send out one which I was supposed to do!  Oops… this proves that I’m a real person behind writing this 🙂

Inside the newsletter, you’ll find info about a different mini-story, the latest blog posts, other blog articles, and also shopping places.  The email newsletter format will be changed and updated from time to time.  Old screenshot samples are shown below.

Old email newsletter samples | Washimagic.com
Old email newsletter sample | Washimagic.com
Old email newsletter sample | Washimagic.com

What benefits can a subscriber get in the newsletter?

Once you subscribe, you’ll get a FREE mini ebook, a PDF copy of FREE printable like:

Free mini ebook - a simple guide to using beautiful washi tape
Subscribe to get the freebies - 7 days of encouraging words to help you keep going & growing | free printables | Little motivational quotes a day | Encouraging words | Short words of encouragement | Washimagic.com

You’ll also receive a password in the email so that you can access the special page on my blog.  Please click on this article – Free Resources Introduction for more details.

Why 7 days of encouraging words?  7 days a week can go by very quickly whether we like it or not, whether we are aware or not.  We can be so busy in a day running around and dealing with all sorts of things.  It’s so easy to fall into that negative, unproductive, and unmotivated headspace.

We thought maybe it’s time to take a break and travel somewhere.  However, do you realize that many times it’s still back to square one?  It’s still the same old me, no matter how far I go.

Even though you want to desperately change the environment outside of you, there won’t be much improved, if nothing has changed inside you.

All in all, it all starts with oneself.

Just take one little quote a day, and let’s keep going and growing!

Other than the above mentioned, there’s a mini giveaway a while ago just for subscribers.  All of them are eligible to take part automatically without doing anything else.

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I plan to add more stuff and benefits for subscribers only.  Do stay tuned for more updates!

Last but not least, I take your info seriously.  So your details won’t be sold or given away as long as I can control them.

All in all, it’s not nice to promise you that you’ll get lots of stuff by subscribing to my newsletter.  What I write here, it’s what you’ll see in the email.  But of course, I hope each email newsletter is getting better.

Let me know what kind of material you would like to read, okay?

What do you think by now?  Convinced?  If yes, join the WashiMagic mailing list in the box below.

If you still need more time, no problem, feel free to explore the blog or contact me if you have any questions and hope to see you inside!

Thank you for reading!  Thank you for signing up!

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