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What is washi tape journal?  What’s the correlation between washi tape and a journal?

What is washi tape journal? An easy way to begin your journal | A simple way to write your gratitude journal | Washimagic.com

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Writing a daily journal can be wonderful and relaxing.

You have the choice to do a lengthy journal or just a gratitude journal.  It’s entirely up to you which one you want to go for.

A Gratitude Journal can be simple and fast such as…

“I’m thankful for my wonderful family and friends.”

Just aim for one line per day if no time.


One of the popular washi tape uses is to decorate a journal.  This can also be a diary or a planner.  You can tape a journal page left and right, top and bottom, making it a framed page.

Or, you can use masking tapes to mark important meetings, appointments, lunches etc on the diary.

The lovely little tapes make the journal interesting and appealing; even if you are the only one who sees it.

I used to collect and have quite a number of notebooks, planners, diaries and journals.  They could be just store-bought, given by someone or complimentary copies.

I’m not sure what to do with them because one or two planner is good enough for the year.  But I always imagine I’ve tons of appointments/ideas/things to fill in the blank pages.

Anyway, I started writing daily journal when I was in university.  Hmm… I did make it a point to write as frequent as possible, if not every day.  My main purpose of writing a journal is to practice my English writing since this is not my mother tongue.

Nothing fancy in my diary but to record what happened at that time.  You know… what else to worry about when you were in school?  It’s probably nothing much other than worrying about school work, friends, food, vacations etc.

I never thought of decorating any journal pages.

I believe the text or the writing or the record of life is far more important.  Other than practicing my English writing, another advantage is to write by hand.

I often checked my handwriting to see if it’s pleasing to the eye and readable.  Not surprisingly, it’s good sometimes; it’s not so good or even messy on some days.

It’s so different nowadays.

Thanks to the internet technology, I get to see lots and lots of beautifully decorated journal pages, planners and diaries.

You can find all sorts of embellishments, note cards, post-it notes, highlighters etc to make the journal pages delightful, unique and personal.

And of course, washi tapes become handy when you want to bookmark certain pages or to highlight your next holiday trip.  If you have a few rolls, you can actually cut them into your desired lengths, make in a bookmark and take it with you.


Writing a daily journal can be a really good way to express one self.

Use washi tapes to do a bookmark


It helps to let go of your emotions, to examine what happen that day, to “scold” someone you dislike, to write lovely messages to someone you care, to complain about something which you don’t want others to know, to talk about the negatives, the positives, sweat & tears and so on.

You will find much better after jotting down the good and the bad.

However, it can be quite challenging at times especially if you are a working mom or busy professional trying to maintain such habit.

After graduating, I still kept writing my daily journal.

I wanted to keep my diary short and sweet but oftentimes, not only was it longer than I expected, it’s also taking quite a fair bit of my time.

Plus, there were days I was still writing backlogs.  Daily became once a week, then it became bi-weekly, once or twice a month.

After a while, I stopped journaling completely.

I started picking up when someone suggested me to check out a book called The Secret.

Here’s the link if you want to know more about it.  Or continue reading…


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One of the suggestions of using The Secret is to start making a list of things to be thankful for.

For instance, “I am so happy and grateful now that I am healthy!”



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Another suggestion is to follow the magical practices for 28 days consecutively which detailed in the book called “The Magic”.

I followed and the exercises were amazing.



Why am I talking about all these practices of being grateful?  What have all these to do with washi tapes which seem out of topic?

Instead of writing a lengthy journal which might take too much of your time, or postponing it until backlog piling up realize that you have to fill in the blanks, what about having a washi tape gratitude journal?

You can just write, for example as suggested in “The Magic” book, something about “Count your blessings”.  Make at least five each day.  Then use washi tapes to adorn the page.

It’s simple, fast, inspirational, positive and happy.

It’s so much easier to write five short yet powerful sentences and at the same time, make use and showcase your washi tape stash.

No doubt that there are plenty of different planners, journals and diaries out there.  They could be cheap, expensive, fancy or not-so-fancy.  Or some well-known brands like Filofax, Erin Condren or Hobonichi planner.  Otherwise, a simple notebook, D.I.Y. journal page or even an exercise book will work, too.

Make washi tape journal your very own happy book!



Allow me to share with you some samples that I have prepared just for you.  I used text, quotes, affirmations and pictures in the journal.  I’ve been keeping these inspiring quotes for quite some time not knowing what to do with them or how to decorate them.

So this is a good opportunity to do something with these quotes and make use of the beautiful masking tapes.  I tend to stick to one tape or maximum four different kinds of deco tapes on a journal page so that each tape can be seen clearly.

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