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World of Washi Tapes


All About Washi Tapes & Info

What Is Washi Tape
Why Use Washi Tapes
Different Types of Washi Tapes – Part 1
More Pictures of Washi Tapes – Part 2
Is Washi Tape Expensive?

Washi Tape Journal
My Top 10 Favorite Washi Tapes Are Simple To Use And Practical
Best Selling Washi Tape Products


2 more unique washi tapes you should try | mt masking tape | easy diy crafts | DIY washi tape scrunchie |



mt Masking Tape Series
Part 1: What Is mt Masking Tape?  Is It Really That Good?
Part 2: So, What Types of mt Masking Tapes Can You Find?
Part 3: Various mt Product Categories In Details


Product Reviews

What Is mt maki maki? Should you get one? {and a Giveaway}!
Product Reviews: Prime Nakamura & nami-nami

(Will share more about other brands and types such as Aimez le style/Amifa, Dailylike, Funtape, Round Top, Shinzi Katoh, Space Craft, Mark’s/Maste and more at a later date)



Shopping Guide
Product List
Buy Unique Designs T-Shirts (mostly Mom & Kids), Caps, Mugs, Stickers & More Here (Click to see new stuff on Spreadshirt!)


Lovingly designed gifts



Why Crafting?

11 Reasons You Should Start Crafting


Encouraging Words Series

Let Powerful Encouraging Words Start With You And Me – One Kind Word at a Time


Inspiring Interview Series

Yoga, Mala Jewelry Making & Essential Oils.  Find Out These 3 Different Crafts From A Capable Mom


Free Resources

Free Resources Introduction
Why Join The WashiMagic Mailing List?
Library Access (Password Required)



Blog (What’s New)

(The latest 5 blog posts are listed here.  You can also find other posts by theme, color etc as mentioned below.)

Necktie Printable Bookmarks & Gift Tags for Father’s Day (3 in 1 Template & Detailed Tutorial)
Last-Minute Printable Greeting Card for Mother’s Day (Free Printable & Tutorial)
Recommended Holiday Gift Guide That Is Meaningful & Budget-friendly
Introducing Our Products
The Latest Updates On The Blog (June ’20)


Latest news and updates about washi magic blog, giveaways, shopping and more |


Blog Posts (By Theme)

Latest Update:

mt expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
Update: Who’s The Lucky Winner of The Giveaway?
Update About The Giveaway
Latest Update On Shopping Info


Washi Tape Projects

Snail Mail Series:

Snail mail series why send snail mail if you can email | snail mail ideas | use washi tape to make own envelope letter set |


Why Send Snail Mail If You Can Email?
Snail Mail Project #10: Turn 1 Envelope Design Into 3 Different Variations
Snail Mail Project #9: Travel Deco Tape Envelope And Letter
Snail Mail Project #8: Cute Smiley Faces Washi Tape Envelope & Letter
Snail Mail Project #7: Sweet Pink Washi Tape Envelope Letter Pattern
Snail Mail Project #6: Piano Washi Tape Envelope Letter Pattern

Snail Mail Project #5: Mysterious Purple Flowers Envelope Letter Pattern
Snail Mail Project #4: DIY Garden Themed Envelope Letter Set
Snail Mail Project #3: Make A Christmas Themed Envelope Letter Set
Snail Mail Project #2: 5 Tapes To Make Colorful Party-Style Mail
Snail Mail Project #1: Classic Black And White Envelope Letter Set
Make Envelope Letter Set Easy And Quick – Send A Real Mail


Different Types of Projects:

Washi Tape Mother’s Day Card
Gold Washi Tape Birthday Card
2 More Unique Washi Tape You Should Try
Decorative Rubber Bands Quick Tutorial

Unique Gifts For Him On Valentine’s Day: Sharing With You My Humble Samples
Washi Tape Phone Case: My First Experiment Using Mod Podge
Easy Washi Tape Bookmarks Vintage Label: Try Different Paper/Cardstock
Make Simple Assorted Handmade Gift Cards In No Time
How To Use Masking Tapes To Beautify Transparent Present Bag?

Quick And Simple Washi Tape Gift Box And Ribbon
Use Washi Tapes To Add Different Layers For Your Projects
Washi Tape Hair Clip – From Black Clip Into a Happy Pink One
What About This Huge Washi Tape Wall Calendar?
How To Use Washi Tape To Create A Wedding Anniversary Gift?

Washi Tape Clear Bookmark
How To Use Washi Tape To Create A Unique Baby Scrapbook Page
Quick Project: Beautify Ordinary Stationery
Elegant Gift Cards and Bookmark
8 Reasons to Start a Washi Tape Gratitude Journal


Get To Know About Different Washi Tapes:


Sea Creature mt Tape: Write Your Own Story
Pet Dogs Masking Tape – Which One Is Your Favorite?

Goldfish Limited Edition Masking Tape – Crafts For Kids
Combine Two Masking Tapes – Fun and Easy
Patchwork and Sea Creature Kamoi Adhesive Tape
Butterfly and Dark Green Washi Tapes
Bees, Flowers and Watercolor Washi Tapes

Arts / Crafts / Music / Sewing / Cultural

Use Washi Tape To Combine Loose Music Sheets

Atelier Aimez le style Decorative Masking Tape
Canal Town Washi Tape – Vibrant and Colorful
Colorful Sewing Craft Washi Tape
mt ex Kamon and Gold Color Masking Tapes
Music Notes and and mt Slim Masking Tapes


Buildings / Houses

Home Sweet Home
What Exactly Is Neon Light Signboard?
Little Houses Deco Tape


Flower / Garden / Leaves / Nature

Flower Orange vs Black Polka Dots: Match Or Not?
Let The Troubles Go – It All Begins With You

Today, I Just Want To Be Thankful For The Simple Olive Leaves
Green Masking Tape – Do You Know About Herb Tea?
What Is This… Washi Tape Flowers And Follow Your Intuition?
Mountain mt Washi Tape – A Reminder to Keep Me Moving Forward
Dark Green Tree Masking Tape and Silk Screen mt Tape

Dreamlike Dandelion Adhesive Tape
Grow Beautiful Flowers in Your Journal
Use Washi Tapes to Make a Greenery Arched Window
Garden and Green Tiles mt Masking Tapes
How Can Measurement and Tulips mt Tapes Fit Together?



Use Decorative Masking Tapes To Create Recipe And Sewing Bookmarks
Do You Have Time For a Nice Afternoon Tea or Is it a Complete Waste of Time?

New Addition: Mouthwatering Chocolate
Would You Like To Get A Bottle of Orange Juice, Lemonade, Ginger Beer Or Rose Wine?
Cherry Line – All About Two Unique Washi Tapes
Tea and Cake Washi Paper Tape
Green Gridline mt Masking Tape and Yummy Food Washi Tape


Envelopes / Mail / Stamp / Travel

Let’s Move On To Paris After Traveling To London
Something About London Today: More Than Just Washi Tape
Fun Travel Stuff Decorative Tape

Are You Planning To Travel The World?  Make It Possible!
All About Envelopes Washi Tape – Do They look Real?
Postage Stamp Stickers – More Than Merely Sticker Or Masking Tape
Travel mt Washi Tape
Envelopes and Green Masking Tapes



Personalized Christmas Gift Wrap Using Wide Washi Tapes
Make Auspicious Red Envelope For Chinese New Year


Others (newspaper, numbers, collage, patterns, vintage, colored tape, umbrella, tag)

What It Takes To Be Successful
Amazing Morocco Tile in Blue
When Dream Meets Reality: Will You Still Persist To Pursue Your Dreams?

What Brand Is This?
When Vintage Labels Encounter Striking Washi Tape…
Just Numbers mt Tapes – Pink and Blue
Newspaper Masking Tape and Patterned Paper
Lovely Umbrella Washi Tape


Blog Posts (By Color)

Black & White

Why Is There A Book About Pregnancy Appearing On This Blog?
Slim Black Washi Tape And Wide Numbers mt Tape



All Blue Washi Tapes Again
Calm and Soothing for Today’s Journal



Have a Bright Day



Bright Pink Collage



Washi magic gallery showcasing beautiful and unique projects | arts and crafts | deco tape |

More Pictures About Using Washi Tapes & Other Projects




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