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Below is the product list where you can also purchase from Amazon and other affiliate partners.  Some products added here are similar items you see throughout the blog.  Please note that some products are the same, while some are different but related and/or complement.

There are also some new items which I haven’t mentioned before.  But they are already in our collection, and some are just on our ever-growing wish list 🙂

I also want to emphasize that it’s impossible to test every single product that is listed here.  It’s simply far too many in the market nowadays.  There are many items that I choose for our online store are different from those that I find from Amazon and other affiliate partners.

If you click on the links and buy, you may get your parcels from different companies as I continue adding more appealing products here from various places.  Please also take note of the shipping time as it varies and some may take longer time to deliver to you.

However, with that being said, I do take a great deal of time and effort to find interesting products to list here and refresh this page as regularly as possible.

I sincerely hope you like the recommended products.  If you’ve purchased before, thank you so much for your kind support.  If you haven’t bought, thank you too for stopping by.

Happy shopping!



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Journals & Planners

(all from Amazon)

Maybe I should consider myself a notebook junkie since I have many different notebooks here and there for different purposes.  It’s not because I have lots of things to write but can’t resist the cuteness of the notebooks!  One rule for getting any notebooks, though, don’t just keep and collect but use them instead!



Others & Tools

(all from Amazon)



Stamps & Ink

(all from Amazon)




(all from Amazon)



Paper & Cards

(all from Amazon)




(all from Amazon)




(all from Amazon)



Packaging & Adhesive

(all from Amazon)



Washi Tape

(all from Amazon)

Here’s another mt wrap with different packaging that you can read in this blog post.

You can also read some articles about mt brand such as:
What is mt masking tape? (3 part series)
All About Envelopes Washi Tape – Do They look Real?
Mountain mt Washi Tape – A Reminder to Keep Me Moving Forward


More info about washi tape:
What is washi tape?
Different Types of Washi Tapes – Part 1

Check out this post – Aimez le style Pet Dogs masking tape – for more info.

Here are my top 3 & 4 maste washi tapes in this article.

Note: The washi tape size can vary from different companies.  Some can be very small rolls.  If this is something you concern about, please check the size info on the websites.



Jewelry Making

(all from Amazon)



Organizer & Storage

(all from Amazon)

Be sure to check the measurement of the organizer.




(all from Amazon)



Thank you for sticking around till here!  Hope you have a great shopping experience.  In case you have any questions or you’re not quite satisfied with the product selection, please contact me here.


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