Let Powerful Encouraging Words Start With You And Me

Update: As mentioned below, the goal of writing this series – Let powerful encouraging words start with you & me – is to serve as a reminder for myself, and it still is.  Hope this helps you too.

Words have meaning.

Words have power.

They can make or break any relationship, including the relationship with your good self.  Sometimes it’s not just about words; it also includes the tone of voice and expression.

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So, how to let powerful encouraging words start with you and me?

How often do you say nice things or not-so-nice things about yourself?

Or what about other people, do they use nice words or not-so-nice words to you?

So how can words affect one person?

A two-year-old spilled a milk bottle.  What’s your first reaction when you see this?  Well, instead, his mom used the opportunity to educate him to play, clean, and find better ways to hold the bottle.

A little boy who’s being told that he couldn’t speak and hear when he’s born became someone capable.  All this was because of his parents’ love and determination to help their son learn and excel.

Nick Vujicic is so inspiring that you can feel his cheerfulness through his words.  I once came across a huge billboard displaying his speaking tour while I was waiting at the traffic light.  I don’t know why, but I can feel that his smile is so genuine, happy, inspiring, and hopeful.  How can he be so optimistic when we consider him different?

Note: For further reading about these stories, please see the links at the end of this article.

On the other hand, some people could be very timid and have low self-esteem due to listening to unkind words since childhood such as “You’re useless”, “You’re stupid”, “You’re too slow” etc.

Some people might have depression due to not only the pressure but also the harsh words, sarcastic remarks, or perhaps someone said something that is not true, etc.  Some cannot take it because of these four words (Chinese characters): 人言可畏 – meaning words can be so fearful that one can’t even take it.

Update Aug 2022: There’s an article in the newspaper recently about an influencer on social media who couldn’t take the harsh words/bullying online.  I didn’t read about the details, but it’s sad.  Depending on your personality, sometimes it’s not easy to write/say things online because you never know if it will resonate with others.  But no matter what, why not train yourself to be strong enough to handle it?  It’s easier said than done but let’s give it a try.

Due to the nature of this blog, let’s stop the negative examples that I think it’s kind of heavy to discuss here, but you get the idea.

Actually, there are many other examples of how words can affect one’s emotions.  It’s especially more so due to the popularity of social media platforms.  What about the people you meet on a day-to-day basis, such as your family, friends, co-workers, strangers, etc?

What kind of words do they use?  And what about you?


Coming back to this article – Let Powerful Encouraging Words Start With You And Me…

The Reasons For Having The Encouraging Words Series And How They Helped Me Heal

First of all, I’d like to thank my friend who inspired me to create a series of Encouraging Words.  I was trying to search if I could find some nice and meaningful words to say but to no avail.  Then I thought why not create the words myself?  Hence, this article is the beginning of the series.

Secondly, I personally love inspiring quotes that are hopeful, uplifting, and funny.  I have different encouraging words everywhere… whether on my laptop, phone, table, or hiding somewhere in the bags, cupboard, etc.  I used to buy many bookmarks and cards not only because of the beautiful pictures but also the amazing and motivating quotes.

Reading them makes me feel better and lighter.

If you are happy, you’ll feel more upbeat when you read such powerful words.

If you are down, motivational quotes give you hope that things will get better.

Thirdly, life has ups and downs, including mine.  As for the low points, there were many times I felt hopeless and helpless.  However, I found strength and courage in Buddhism; and I read as many encouraging words as I could at those times.

Other than time healing all wounds, reading motivational and wonderful words also helped me heal.

Note: There are many ways to heal, be it getting professional help, self-healing, etc.  Depending on your situation, if you’re also having some kind of adversity now, the words may or may not affect you.  When I said the encouraging words helped me heal is just one of my ways to fill up my mind with happy and kind words.

Maybe you’ve heard of such a saying, “You can always learn something from experiences, be they good or not.”

You can always learn something from experiences - be they good or not | Uplifting words | Motivational quotes | Inspiring quote | Short encouraging words | Words of encouragement and strength | Washimagic.com

Since I’m writing this article, you should be thinking that I must be using perfect words, whether talking to myself or others.

Please don’t feel disappointed when the answer is no… I don’t use perfect words all the time.

I wish I had.

Sometimes perhaps I’ve said something unpleasant that made someone uncomfortable.  You see, I kind of raised my voice when I spoke to someone recently regarding some issues.  Luckily I was aware of it and did my best to use better words and tone of voice because ultimately, they were just doing their job.

What would you say if someone yelled at you?  Would you scream at them?

It’s getting complicated if you were to do the same back at them…

When I see babies and small children, they are so pure, innocent, and adorable.  They are like blank canvases waiting to be painted by parents and adults.

I simply hope the paints that they receive are encouraging, uplifting words.  Maybe constructive feedback is unavoidable, but we can always look for better words to say.

We just have to look harder in the dictionary!

There’s a young lady who revealed that she only has 20% hearing due to her drunk father who slapped her when she’s small… A 21-year-old girl mentioned that her parents never said this to her, “I’m proud of you.”

Isn’t it simple yet that it’s so hard to just say it out?

Anyway, it’s tough to control or change other people.

The best way and also the easiest one is to change oneself first.  Be mindful of not only the words one uses but also be aware of the tone of voice and expression.

For instance, if you wanted to get help to do something… how do you ask?

“Please help me do this!” in a polite and happy way.  Or,

“Do this for me!” in an impatient tone and with a grumpy face.

I am by no means an expert in motivational quotes or saying the nicest words.  Just wanted to share with you what I’ve learned along the way other than washi tapes and crafts.  So, thank you for landing here and reading this article.

There are many times I wish I didn’t say or write those unpleasant words.

I also wish I couldn’t hear when someone said unkind words.

You know what, because all this can affect us whether we want it or not.  It will affect us consciously or subconsciously.

Having said that, it’s also not realistic to be able to hear encouraging words all the time since we meet different people…  Instead of dwelling on the negativity about why certain people said certain things, why not look at it differently?

The goal of this article is to serve as a reminder to be mindful of my words, be it in verbal or written form.

You know what… words are so powerful that can unite people in the most loving way.  But at the same time, words can also break people up in an ugly way.  Therefore, why not choose the former one?

I believe encouraging words, hope, happiness, and love are what we need most in this technology-driven fast-paced environment.

Last but not least, I always try to write my own words. If I find some other inspirational words that resonate with me, I will definitely quote the source. If you somehow come across certain words that look familiar, please let me know.  I’ll be happy to check and edit.

I sincerely hope you like the words of encouragement series and can resonate with you.  My wish is that it can also help you in a way.

Let the powerful encouraging words start with you and me – one kind word at a time.  Please remember, be kind to yourself and others.

Find strength and hope in words & spread kindness now | Motivational quotes | Uplifting quote in Chinese & English | Short encouraging words | Inspirational words of encouragement | short words of encouragement | Washimagic.com

Fun facts: I’ve been planning to write the Encouraging Words Series for ages.  I had some bits and pieces here and there but not very sure where to start.  When I looked at my notes, they were just like random jigsaw puzzle pieces staring back at me.  Therefore, I’m so glad that this article has finally done, and I believe it’s just the beginning!  I’m telling you this not because it’s a great “masterpiece” haha! 

Words and text are something dear to my heart, as I’ve also experienced them in some ways.  All of sudden, a little poem came to my mind but was in Chinese at first.  Hope the English version is clear enough as well.  If you have any comments, please feel free to share.  Thanks!

Here are some Encouraging Words which I’ve published before on the blog.  I’m also planning to re-do just for our VIP subscribers.  Do you have any favorite quotes?

Update: Below is the new images.  More are coming soon!

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A two-year-old spilled a milk bottle… The story is from this book –  “The Success Principles – 10th Anniversary Edition” by Jack Canfield.

A little boy who’s being told that he couldn’t speak and hear… This is from the book – Think and Grow Rich.

If you are in Malaysia, you can get both of these books at MPH bookstore.

Read more about Nick Vujicic here or watch his inspirational video here.

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