Is Washi Tape Expensive? Is It Worth Buying?

Update: Instead of stating the exact price or changing the price below, it’s best to leave it as it is to illustrate the point.  There are many different types and brands, from big companies to independent artists.  The prices indeed vary.

The prices I mentioned below, especially for mt brands, are not the same anymore.  It’s about MYR8.00 per roll (approx. US$1.90).  It can be more or less for different sellers.

Is washi tape really that expensive?  Is it even worth buying?

But why is it expensive in the first place?

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Is washi tape expensive?

What makes you think that it’s expensive?

Some called it expensive tape.

Is it because it’s just a small roll, and it’s not worth a higher price?

I knew that several people mentioned the high price tag for just a small roll.  To pay for that kind of price, you could have bought a nice cup of coffee, a simple lunch, a movie ticket, or even a new wallet.

Why do you need to buy masking tape, especially if you don’t know how to use it?  It could be a waste of money!

I feel the same at first.

It’s kind of pricey for just a small roll.  I still remember when I first saw such a little tape and the price was MYR6.50 (approx. US$2.  It may not be much for US$2, but here we can have a meal.)  I could have just ignored it and looked for a different tape, like less expensive cellophane tape.

I bought it at the end because the picture is something I absolutely love…music notes.

It’s unbranded.  It’s all because of the picture.  I have no idea how to use it or what to do with it.  All I knew was something new to me, and I’m sure I’ll find a way to use or stick.

I bought a few more after this.  Subsequently, my cousin bought even more than me.

Our collection grew quite exponentially within a short period!

Read on to find out why it’s worth getting and collecting washi tapes.

If the washi tape is “unbranded”; the price is usually cheaper.  Quality will be different, too, depending on the manufacturer and where you get them.

Sometimes low price tags can also be smaller rolls and shorter lengths like about 3m per roll (approx. 118 inches).

This is certainly not always the case.

I once bought an imported decorative tape which cost MYR19.90 (approx. US$6.20).  The problem was I only knew the price after paying.  I was like… “Wow, it’s quite expensive.”  The quality is just average, and the adhesive is not strong enough.

Prices of decorative tapes vary due to the:

  • Size / length
  • Design
  • Material
  • Texture
  • Adhesive
  • Manufacturer

Update:  I recently came across an online store selling washi tape at about MYR50 (approx. US$12.50) and more.  Honestly, I didn’t click on it to check the details.  It could be imported and done by an independent artist.  You can decide if it’s worth the price.

It’s worth getting because of…

Reason #1

Let’s take a look at our online store.  The price range started from MYR6.30 to MYR40 for a single roll (approx. US$2 to US$12).  The common size for a roll is 15mm (width) x 10m (length).  The dimension usually hovers within 45mm to 50mm (except for some special ones).

Let’s take a closer look at Rose Garden Washi Tape below…

10m = MYR6.30 (about US$2)
Note: This item is no longer available.

It works out to
1m = MYR0.63 (about US$0.20)

For a well-known Japanese brand mt masking tape, the lowest in our region is for instance,

mt 1P Basic Salmon Pink

10m = MYR6.50 (about US$1.80)

1m = MYR0.65 (about US$0.20)

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Washi tape without brand
mt salmon pink washi tape | Is washi tape expensive | Is it worth buying washi tape | Washi tape price |
mt brand salmon pink masking tape

Since 1m = 100cm (or 39 inches / 3.3 ft), therefore what can you do with such length?

Do many bookmarks, gift cards, greeting cards, etc., to share with family and friends.  You can also create a few more projects.

Let’s say you plan to make a bookmark for a friend or swap with someone.  You give one meter for three different types; the cost is just MYR1.89 (about US$0.60).

So, is this considered cheap?

Reason #2

Unlike perishable goods, there’s no expiry date.  I do see expiry dates on some decorative adhesive tapes.  Not very sure why, but my guess could be the adhesive.

It might dry up over time.  It’s best to store it away in a container after use.  You will then be able to keep it for as long as you want.

Reason #3

No glue is required.  Washi tape is handy if you want to stick something quick and easy.  You can tape your picture/memo easily on the board, wall, or diary.  You can remove and reposition it as well.

Reason #4

You can find lots of attractive pictures on masking tapes.  You can always find something to learn if you see close enough.  For instance, it could be from drawing, painting, coloring, materials, texture, design, etc.

Reason #5

Last but not least, it’s easy to use.  If you are new to crafting, why not make some cards using washi tapes?  The simplest way is just cardstock, paper (especially those ready-made or pre-scored), and deco tapes.  No need for glue and scissors!

Here’s an example of mt art tape (10 pcs per set).  The new design costs around MYR110 (approx. US$25).  It’s pretty expensive, isn’t it?

New product range from mt washi tape | mt art tape | mt masking tape | Japanese washi tapes |

However, it costs MYR11 (approx. US$2.50) for 1 piece.  Now it seems reasonable, right?

All in all, it’s worth buying and trying out washi tapes, in my opinion.  It’s okay if you disagree with me.  Art supplies and equipment are always not very cheap after all.

I hope to share what I know because I feel the same in the beginning as to why these tiny tapes are pricey.

On the other hand, if I compared it with a ribbon, it could be more expensive.  Plus, an additional item like glue is needed if you stick the ribbon on the surface.

Anyway, find a way to use it if you decide to splurge.  If you prefer to collect it, it’s alright too.  Regardless of the price, it depends on your interest, decision, and affordability.

Would you like to share your experience of buying washi tapes in the comment box below?  Were they cheap or expensive?  Where did you get them?

: Prices may vary due to various factors.  But the fundamental is still there.  Speaking of money, sometimes it’s kinda sensitive.  Some might think it’s cheap, while others might say it’s reasonable.  Some might say it’s way too expensive and of no use.  All of us can have our thought.  You purchase it because you like it, you believe it’s worth the price, and you use it to make some personalized gifts for yourself and others.

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