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Thank you for stopping by this space, Free Resources Introduction!

This is the place where you can sign up and get instant access to the free resources all in one space!  I’ll gather all the free stuff on a password-protected page, such as a mini ebook about using washi tapes, digital washi tape, templates, printables, stickers/tags, bookmarks, letters, etc.  You can download, print & use it right away.  These resources will be updated and improved from time to time. So, do come back often and find out!

NEW freebies! Already in the library!

Free printable stationery writing paper set | Lined unlined grid paper | Journal notepaper | Snail mail penpal letter writing paper | Free resources library |

Below is a little preview of what you’ll be getting in the free resources library once you’ve signed up.  For example, you’ll find different types of digital washi tapes as shown below (not all of them).  I just added 2 new digital washi tapes – fuschia and green glitter ones.

A little preview of what you'll be getting inside the freebies library | Free digital washi tapes - fall colors, pastel, glitter etc |

Allow me to be clear.  All of the freebies are for personal use only.  However, what you may do is…

…if you have a blog or website or social media platform or online shop, you may use the digital washi tape to create your banners/pictures or use it to create a call to action button.  In other words, you can use these washi tapes as part of the display item if you want.

I’m not sure about you, but I tend to collect many things online and offline.  The only thing that we can make use of those collection is to use them. 

Another thing I’d like to be upfront is that it’s best to use the digital washi tape as the original size when you download it, or you may reduce the size so that the resolution is still clear.  If you were to enlarge it, it may not be very clear.  This is because I reduced the image size for fast and easy loading on the website.  But the latest addition (fuschia and green glitter washi tape) is actually a bit bigger.

Below is an example.  I simply grabbed the pastel light yellow digital washi tape in the freebies library and added it to the picture.

Encouraging words | Motivational saying | Inspirational quotes | Happy & inspiring words |

As for the bookmarks, you have the option to print individually or print all 4 together on one page and laminate it.

Free washi tape bookmark printables | Free encouraging words bookmark printable | Available at free resources library |

Below is the printouts for “Thank You” tags and bookmarks.

Freebies for VIP email subscribers | Free download stickers & bookmarks | Free thank you stickers and bookmarks | Thank you tags | Free resources library |
Thank you stickers / tags & bookmarks

Free stationery papers/letters are also available!  I also used to collect some store-bought papers like these.  They are so pretty that I just admire the papers instead of using them.  It’s weird, right?  But now with the printables, we can keep some and use some.  You can find a few more different designs in the printables shop here.

A glimpse of some free stationery papers inside the free resource library | Freebies for email VIP members only |

Below is a 17-page mini ebook – A Simple Guide To Using Interesting, Artistic & Beautiful Washi Tapes – which I updated in early 2020, just before the new changes started.  I also never thought I’d be writing an ebook.  Even though it’s a mini one, it’s still a book.  You know what, I’d get a “headache’ if I were to think of writing an ebook.  Therefore, so much respect to all the authors out there!

Anyway, this is a simple ebook if you are just starting to use washi tapes.  No fancy tools and techniques 🙂  You’ll find 3 quick and easy projects with steps and pictures, care instructions, a template and 2 worksheets.

Free ebook with worksheets & template for VIP email subscribers | A simple guide to using beautiful washi tapes | Cover page | Free mini ebook about using washi tape |
Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll also get a PDF copy of FREE printables like this – 7 days of Encouraging Words (available in the freebies library) to help you keep going & growing, as shown below.  Words are powerful.  When we fill ourselves up with happy & uplifting words most of the time (if not all the time), we can bring a good impact to those around us.  Here’s an article all about the power of words.
Subscribe to get the freebies - 7 days of encouraging words to help you keep going & growing | free printables | Little motivational quotes a day | Encouraging words | Short words of encouragement |

Please wait for a while for the email to come through.  You’ll be able to download 5 pages of the 7 days of encouraging words, excluding the cover page in the library.  This immediate download is for A4 size in colors.

You’ll also receive a password in the email so that you get access to the special page on my blog.  After entering the password, you’ll see all the free resources on that page.

Taking into consideration that some of you may want to print out the quotes in black & white, I also made the same quotes in different formats and sizes such as A4 size in colors and black & white, US letter size in colors and also in black & white.

You can decorate the black & white pages to your liking, using colored pencils, washi tapes, stickers, markers, highlighters, stamps etc!

You may read more details in this article here so you have an idea of the emails you’ll get.  I also wrote about the reasons for creating the 7-day encouraging words.

If you have already subscribed to my email list, you will get the info without doing anything else.

If you haven’t, I invite you to sign up now!

Thank you!


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