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This is the place where you can sign up and get instant access to the free resources all in one place!  I’ll gather all the free stuff in a password-protected page such as a mini e-book, templates, printables, stickers/tags, bookmarks, letters etc which you can download, print & use immediately.  These resources will be updated and improved from time to time such as the simple guide below.

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A little preview of what you’ll be getting in the free resources library such as thank you stickers or you can use as thank you tags, bookmark printables, letters, digital washi tapes and many more.

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Thank you stickers / tags & bookmarks
Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll get a PDF copy of FREE printables like this:
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Please wait for a while for the email to come through.  You’ll be able to download 5 pages of the 7 days of encouraging words, excluding the cover page.  This immediate download is for A4 size in colors.

You’ll also receive a password in the email so that you can access the special page on my blog.  After entering the password, you’ll see all the free resources on that page.

Taking into consideration that some of you may want to print out the quotes in black & white, I also made the same quotes in different formats and sizes such as A4 size in colors and black & white, US letter size in colors and also black & white.

You can decorate the black & white pages to your liking, using colored pencils, washi tapes, stickers, markers, highlighters, stamps etc!

Updated on Jan 6, 2021:

As previously mentioned that some specially designed watercolor postcards will be given away free to lucky subscribers and may include some washi tape samples.  However, due to the current global situation, we have to postpone this until further notice.  Any latest updates will be mentioned here and you’ll get a notification via email too.  Thank you for your understanding.


You may read more details in this article here so you have an idea of the emails you’ll get.  I also wrote about the reasons for creating the 7-day encouraging words.

If you have already subscribed to my email list, you will get the info without doing anything else.

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Note: You should receive the free quotes within 10 minutes or so, if not immediately.  However, in the event that you don’t get it, please email me at contact{@} and I’ll send you the copy.

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