Discover The Different Types of Washi Tapes – Part 1

How many different types of washi tapes are there actually?  Before we move on, let’s see first…

Discover different types of washi tapes part 1 | decorative masking tape | deco tape | cute tape |

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What are the different types of washi tapes?

“Washi tape” is a commonly used term.  The full name for mt, being the leading brand in the industry, is actually derived from masking tape.  If you have a roll of mt tape, you’ll find Kamoi Paper “washi” adhesive tape on the front label as seen below.




Thus, there can be number of ways to call and the main characteristic is that it is made of washi paper.  For instance:

  • Washi tape
  • Decorative masking tape
  • Decorative adhesive tape
  • Washi adhesive tape
  • Washi masking tape
  • Japanese paper tape

However, you can also find other names like…

  • Decorative tape
  • Deco tape
  • Craft tape
  • Sticker
  • Sticky tape
  • Paper tape


They can be similar due to the designs on the tapes.  They can also be different in terms of materials because they might not be using washi paper.

Apart from this, you can also find something like fabric tape.  The materials are of course dissimilar but they all have the adhesive backing.  I haven’t tried any of these tapes except silk tape.

  • Fabric tape
  • Silk tape
  • Tissue tape
  • Duct tape
  • Scotch tape


In order not to confuse you including myself, as I mentioned in this article, if you see adhesive tape or deco tape in this blog, they all mean the same thing here ~ washi tape.  If it’s totally different like fabric tape, it will be mentioned clearly.

From time to time, I will mention “mt” (famous washi tape brand) to show the difference when illustrating some other different tapes.

Please understand that I don’t mean to compare or just favor in one brand.  This is because it’s the most original.  Moreover, there are many brands out there I really adore.  Hope this helps.

Now, let’s move on to…


How many different types of washi tapes?

It might be tough to count each type, let me put it this way…

You can find masking tape in general (no particular order) by ~

  • Theme – travel, floral, food, natural, animal, Christmas, music, encyclopedia, stationery, scenery, illustration, cartoon
  • Color – basic or solid, single color or different color combinations, bright or cool (dark), neon, soft/pastel color
  • Pattern – stripes, lines, dots, chevron, borders, tartan-check, stars, hearts, abstract, mosaic, collage, flowers, flags
  • Design – bold, light, sweet, abstract, vivid, whimsical, funny, romantic, simple, complicated
  • Cultural – Japanese style design, Chinese style design, Nordic style, French style, English style, Morocco style
  • Texture – wax feel, smooth surface


It might not look much here in terms of the types of washi tapes, but what about having dots as an example?  The mt autumn & winter 2014 collection is a good example.  Same designs but different color combinations…


Blue dots on pink background



Green dots on brown background


Therefore, there are a lot more designs which I might not be able to cover all.  The new designs and patterns just keep emerging; not to mention the limited editions.

All in all, it’s easy to find LOTS that you love.

Don’t you think it’s hard to choose the designs that you don’t like because it’d be better to have them all?  Perhaps the small rose washi tape can match your pink themed wedding or the bunting masking tape can match your birthday party theme.

Continue to…

Part 2: More Details About The Various Types of Washi Tapes


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  1. kc
    December 18, 2019 / 1:55 pm

    i want to stick pictures on my wall, so what kind of washi tape (that will stick really well, that doesnt fall off) should i use?

    • Erina
      December 23, 2019 / 2:10 pm

      Hi kc, thanks for your message. I’ve tried Japanese brands such as mt and aimez le style and also other washi tapes without brands. They worked well so far. Another tip is that if it’s kind of feel nice holding the washi tapes, they work fine usually. Otherwise, some can be too sticky while some not sticky (especially after keeping them for a while). Depending on the paint, you may try to stick a tiny bit of washi tape on a small area first and observe before sticking on a large area. This is because some washi tapes can stick so well that it might peel off the paint. If you already have some tapes, give them a try first. Hope this helps! Have a great day 🙂

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