Necktie Printable Bookmarks & Gift Tags for Father’s Day

~ Includes a 3 in 1 Template and Detailed Tutorial ~


I’ve finally put together this new blog post – necktie printable bookmarks & gift tags for Father’s Day!

I’ve written two articles for Mother’s Day. I just realized that I had not written one for Father’s Day, and so here I am!

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After I published the previous blog post – last minute printable greeting card for Mother’s Day, I was already thinking about what I should create for Father’s Day.  You see, it’s a little challenging to give the perfect gift for dad.  There are, of course, many other gifts you can get for him such as shirts, shoes, wallets, books, gadgets etc.

However, since Washi Magic is a blog about washi tapes, crafts, stationery and the latest addition – printables, so let’s focus on how you can DIY and personalize the template that’s available to you for free!

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Please click here to get the free template for your own use.


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Without further ado, let’s dive right into today’s topic – how to utilize the template and guide your children to make something special for daddy!

Materials to make necktie printable bookmarks & gift tags for Father’s Day:


  • White cardstock or use your preferred color cardstock (mine is about 200 gsm even though I’d prefer thicker cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or glue
  • 3D Foam tabs (the link is the round dots and the ones that I used are square dots)
  • Pens, markers, color pencils, buttons, stickers, washi tapes
  • Ribbon, baker’s twine, strings


As for the white blank card, I’m using the same card as in this printable greeting card.

Blank card size (unfold): approx. W16.9cm (6.7”), H24cm (9.5”)
Blank envelope size: approx. W17.4cm (6.8”), H12.3cm (4.8”)



Detailed tutorial to make some delightful and masculine DIY gifts for Father’s Day:

The 3 in 1 template can be used as printable bookmarks, gift tags and a greeting card!


Step 1

Download & print out the free template here.

Note: I printed out the copies in a local stationery shop to check how the printing looks in a different printer.  The colors turned out nice and clear as in the picture below!  Another reason is that my printer ink is a bit hard to find during this time.  Anyway, the page sizing was also set to “Fit” and the paper size is “A4”.



Step 2

Follow the line and cut.

You’ll have few options here:

Cut the rectangular box for the blue and yellow neckties in a bookmark format.

Make the first 2 (blue & yellow) as bookmarks and cut out the third blank necktie printable to be used in the greeting card.

Cut the gift tags and attach them to the presents or use them as mini bookmarks.

Trim the little red hearts, stars & text (the text is not in the picture) and decorate to your liking.


Bonus tips:

You can place a blank sheet of paper or tracing paper on top of the free template and trace along with the necktie in which you can create a brand new design for Father’s Day gifts!


Use foam tabs to give a 3D effect look.



Step 3

Tape the bookmarks on white cardstock.

Here’s the measurement for the white cardstock as the base, but these sizes are adjustable as you can make a bigger or smaller bookmark or tag.

Bookmark: W7.1cm (2.8″), H16.8cm (6.61″)
Gift tag: W5.6cm (2.2″), H8cm (3.15″)


Then simply attach the two together as shown in the picture below, punch a hole on top and add ribbon, baker’s twine etc and you are done!

If you want to skip the cardstock, you can use the printable bookmark as is.  Punch the hole and attach a string.  However, the normal printing paper won’t be as sturdy as using the cardstock as the base.



Step 4

As for the blank necktie on the template, you can design and color your dad’s favorite style!  If you have no idea what pattern to create, below is an example of using washi tape to make some special patterns without much effort, as washi tapes are already colorful and abundant.  When I was searching for the perfect washi tapes, it was as if I was looking for an actual necktie pattern!

And then just put the newly designed necktie onto the blank cardstock to make a handmade greeting card for dad!

You can cut out the text on the printable, for example, “Happy Father’s Day” or “Thanks Dad” and place the text on your preferred bookmarks, gift tags or greeting card.



Step 5

The other two little tags (picture below) can be used as gift tags or mini bookmarks.  You can get creative with the provided templates, such as using washi tapes, stickers, markers, color pencils, stamps, stencils etc to make some unique designs.  Plus, you can also let your children handwrite some text and I’m sure he’ll be delighted to see his children’s cute handwriting!



From unembellished template to beautiful homemade crafts.



Why necktie printable?

I hope the above detailed tutorial for this necktie printable bookmarks & gift tags for Father’s Day gives you some ideas to create unique presents for dad.  Or, you can also head over to our Pinterest boards to see a lot more ideas for masculine cards and gifts such as ideas for Father’s Day board, love-him masculine cards & gifts board and also some from creative gift packaging board.

The template looks simple and easy.  It did take me a while to complete everything from cutting, measuring, putting bits and pieces together.  The process is therapeutic.  So, give it a try!

There are so many creative ideas online using neckties to make all sorts of cards and crafts.  I’m so in awe of their creativity.  So, you bet that I’m not the original creator.  The reason that I chose necktie as the focal point for the printable bookmark is that a) it’s easy to create but learning anything has its own learning curve still, b) it’s masculine enough, and c) make use of washi tapes to create different colors and patterns!


As we come to the end of the blog post, let’s change the topic a bit.

What are the most memorable words or things that your dad has given to you?

It’s impossible to list everything here that my dad has done for us.  He’s always doing his best to fulfill our needs and wants.  And, this particular memory somehow stuck in my mind so clearly to this day as I write this.

When we were little, it’s a tradition here to get new clothes and shoes to celebrate Chinese New Year.  But, the celebration was approaching fast and I still hadn’t gotten the shoes.  Hence, my dad, who’d just come back from work, drove me straight away to get a new pair of pretty pastel pink shoes.  The pink shoes are of course nowhere to be found anymore after so many years but the fond memories.

I once came across a successful blogger who mentioned his hope for his children is to be a good citizen, and another one is from Kendra Scott’s stepfather who said to her, “You do good.”  Very simple word and yet so profound.

Father’s love is indirect and traditional from my experience.  I’m grateful for all that you’ve provided us.  Thanks dad!

Thank you so much for reading!  Happy Father’s Day!  Have a fun craft session with your kids using the necktie printable bookmarks & gift tags for Father’s Day!

Click here to get the free template in PDF copy now.


What kind of designs and colors you’ll be creating using the template?  What other gifts do you plan to give?




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