Last-Minute Printable Greeting Card for Mother’s Day

~ With Free Printable and Step By Step Tutorial ~


This is indeed a last-minute printable greeting card for Mother’s Day.

It’s just a few more days to go and, I’m still right here putting everything together that’s on my mind.

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Oftentimes, when travel was so easy that we could visit mom in the good old times, we simply gave excuses that we were too busy or whatsoever.  Well, please don’t get me wrong and I’m not judging anyone who’s not visiting.  Life can get hectic and chaotic, especially with the new normal nowadays.

That’s why I created this last-minute printable greeting card for Mother’s Day just for you.

If you don’t have the time and budget to gift your mom something (or even if you have the time and budget), you are welcome to download it, print it, and tape it on a blank card, and, voila, you have a greeting card for your mother that’s easy to make yet thoughtful.

Plus, it’s available to you for free!


Note: I usually add any freebies in the Free Resources Library, where only our VIP email subscribers have access.  However, this particular freebie is available right away when you click the link here, even if you haven’t signed up.  Honestly, I’m not sure when we are going to recover from the whole global circumstances.  And, it’s been more than a year already.  As such, I hope this little Mother’s Day greeting card can brighten up her day.  The only thing is that this printable greeting card is for personal use, please.  You can still find all the freebies in the library including this one and I encourage you to sign up here if you haven’t already.

Please click here to get the PDF copy.


Whether you can celebrate this Mother’s Day physically or virtually, won’t it be nice if mother and children can have tea together regardless of the distance?  Imagine laying a beautiful table cloth, putting some blooming flowers, baking some sumptuous food, having a lovely afternoon tea together in the backyard, chatting happily, listening to the birds chirping, and enjoying blissful and cooling weather together.

Sound perfect right?

That’s what I had imagined in my mind and so onto this simple printable greeting card for mother.  Even though, in reality, it’s scorching hot and chaotic outside of me, this card is bringing me to a peaceful place like the good old days.

I hope you like this and share it with your mom.

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Materials to make a last-minute printable greeting card for Mother’s Day:

Actual paper size after trimming: approx. W14.9cm (5.8”), H22.7cm (8.9”)
Blank card size (unfold): approx. W16.9cm (6.7”), H24cm (9.5”)
Blank envelope size: approx. W17.4cm (6.8”), H12.3cm (4.8”)


  • Blank card with or without an envelope (use whatever you have or if you want to use a blank card or not)
  • Double-sided tape or glue
  • Your favorite pen if you want to write some words for your mama or to add some embellishments such as washi tapes



Easy steps to make a beautiful Mother’s Day card in no time:

Step 1

Download & print out the printable greeting card.

Note: When I said card, it could be paper too.  I printed it on normal printing paper and tape it on the blank card.  Or, you can print it onto a blank card directly.

I set the page sizing to “Fit” and the paper size is “A4”.  The colors you see in the pictures below and the PDF printable are different because my cartridge ink is running low.  So, the colors can vary due to different monitors, printers and ink.  Even though the printout is not as bright as the PDF, I’m happy with the final printout – not perfect but it’s a homemade Mother’s Day card made with love and care!



Step 2

Follow the line and cut.

Note: I printed it out on A4 paper and cut it out carefully using scissors.  It’d be better if you have a trimmer or cutter.  Just follow the gray box (B) in the image below.  The (A) indicates where I started cutting.  The line should be obvious in the actual PDF copy but, since my cartridge ink is low, I added the gray box for you to see clearly.



Step 3

Fold the printable paper in half.

Note: Use a bone folder or a pen or a highlighter to fold so that you create a perfect crease in the middle.  Make sure you fold the inside paper (which said Happy Mother’s Day) the other way as you see in the pictures below.





Step 4

Tape the printable paper on the blank card (front and inside) and you are done!  Send to your mom via post or email or text message!

Note: This is an optional step.  Before you glue the papers, you can use distress ink to create a different rustic look or use the ink to beautify any uneven cut.




Please click here to get the PDF copy now.

Find out more about the freebies and library access here.



A Little Behind The Scene Story

When I went to Amazon to search for Mother’s Day gifts and also to update the Product List, I came across this coffee mug that said “Long Distance Coffee Mug”, which I think it’s creative and unique. We often think of a long-distance relationship is only between a couple.

However, let’s not forget that it can also be for parents and children who live far apart and cannot visit regularly or none at all, especially during such a global situation.  Plus, this is the second year that we’re going to celebrate Mother’s Day during a challenging time.

The month of May has always been my favorite month.  Not only does it have many holidays here such as the Labour Day, upcoming Mother’s Day, Hari Raya Puasa (For Malays’ celebration which is similar to Chinese New Year and Christmas), Wesak Day for Buddhists, Teachers’ Day (just took a look at the calendar), it’s also my Birthday month!

All in all, let’s find joy in little things.  Let’s have tea together, mama, regardless of the distance.

I really hope you like the last-minute printable greeting card for Mother’s Day that you can DIY quickly but hey, not limited to Mother’s Day right!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Have a wonderful and safe celebration!


Please click here to get the PDF copy now.

Find out more about the freebies and library access here.


What other embellishments you’ll be adding to the printable greeting card?  What other homemade gifts you plan to make?


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