Recommended Holiday Gift Guide That Is Meaningful & Budget-Friendly


The holiday gift guide is finally here!

Recommended holiday gift guide that is meaningful & budget-friendly | Free gifts log printable | Gift guide for him for her for kids |

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I just sat down and thought about the upcoming year-end holidays.  Isn’t it supposed to be a fun normal Christmas holiday where we can just spend some time outdoors or travel somewhere new and far away easily?

Well, even though this year has been quite a different year due to the new normal adjustments, we still have to feel calm and stay grounded, and do our best to look forward to a safe and peaceful celebration.

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Sometimes it’s easy to pick out a gift; sometimes it’s not that easy.  I’ve certainly been on both sides.  There were times I just ended up not buying but gave a red packet instead.

Anyway, before getting a gift, what about considering the questions below?

What does a gift mean to you and the recipient?  What is your desired gift?  Is it the gift that they want?  Is it easy to just get any present and call it a day?


As I’m writing the blog post, this old story just popped up.

I went to my friend’s host family gathering during a freezing Christmas holiday.  They were so nice and welcoming us to celebrate with them.  I was pleasantly surprised to have also received some presents on the day even though we just met!

When I came across a bright red sweater, I was a little reluctant to receive yet I could still accept out of courtesy.  Probably they could read my facial expression and asked me if I don’t like the color, we can change.  Though I said it’s okay, they insisted.  So, we went to the mall and got it changed.

Honestly, it’s a bit embarrassing as if I wasn’t grateful enough for the present.  However, at the same time, it’s heart-warming because kindness, sincerity, and thoughtfulness are more than just the gift itself.

The story is not to discourage you in any way that you might fear buying something that the recipient might not like.  Why not tell them, “Be grateful for the gift that you received.” 🙂

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Recommended Holiday Gift Guide

Below is the recommended holiday gift guide that is meaningful and budget-friendly for him, for her and for kids in hopes of helping you feel less stressed and inspire you to create your own shopping list for the holiday season!  Plus, you may get to enjoy some best deals if you get them early.

To make it easy, start with these questions:

  • The recipient’s hobbies
  • What do they like?
  • Their favorite colors
  • Their favorite places
  • How do they spend time?
  • Their wish list
  • Just ask them
  • Your budget


Note: Allow me to explain that the items mentioned below may or may not be in our collection.  Some products are just on our ever-growing wish list.  Some are meaningful gifts (just my humble opinion) that are of great value to the recipients. 

You may agree or disagree with the suggested items and budget.  The whole point of the gift guide is to give you some ideas.  Feel free to share your gifting experience too if you’d like in the comments below.  If you decide to purchase via the links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Here’s the affiliate disclosure that you can read further.



Gift guide for him


Compile pictures/postcards/tickets in the “Our adventure book” and gift this to him | Gift this to him if he loves music



Phone docking station | Messenger Bag




Wooden Puzzles Vitascope | 2023 Monthly Planner





A gift card is also another great alternative, especially if he has almost everything,  and you’re unsure of what to get for him.  It is something similar to the red packet I mentioned above.



Gift guide for her


How can I not include some washi tapes?  There are a few more types listed on the products page here.



If she loves to write, doodle, journal, a beautiful & functional planner is a must!



The text in the lovely cards is to remind you gently that you are wonderful too.



Try some new hobbies if you haven’t done so before.  We can always learn a thing or two (or more) from arts and crafts.



Gift guide for kids


When I gave my little nephew a cute stocking just a few days before Christmas, he’s so happy and couldn’t wait to open the gift!  It’s great to see how simple things can make little children happy.



There are many amazing arts and crafts that kids can try out and explore under the guidance of parents and teachers.



What about gifting some fun activities that kids can learn about world map, shapes, animals and more?



Keep the children busy with some educational board games, puzzles, chess or even learning a sport or musical instrument instead of staring at the computer screen all day long.


I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the holiday gift guide and your gift finding process.  Of course, this list is not the only one.  There are much more available online and offline.  One thing, though, while looking for presents for others, remember to add one for yourself too!

Have fun gifting!


What’s your previous gift-giving experience?  Is there anything you’re going to do differently this year?


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Meaningful holiday gift guide | Budget-friendly gift guide | Gifts for him for her for kids | Free gift log printable |



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