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Today’s blog post is about introducing our products as mentioned in the previous post.

Speaking of stationery & craft items, there are far too many to choose from.  As we found product A is cute, then another product B emerged!  The point is that all of the items are lovely and irresistible!

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Take washi tape as an example.  It’s already a lot of designs, styles, colors and patterns just in this category.  That’s how we got started in the first place!

We always enjoy checking out stationery and craft items be it online or offline.  We simply amazed by the creativity not only from the big brands but also from many more independent artists.  How can someone turn one normal pen into a whole range of other stationery?

Perhaps it’s something we can stop and ponder for a while.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s dive into today’s topic…

Introducing our products that are on promotion now on the online store!


Let’s start with stickers

Who doesn’t like stickers?  We’d carried other different types before and these are what we have currently.

If you prefer something lovely, the colorful and cute deco stickers are the ones not to be missed.  I actually like the illustration of these stickers very much (the image on the right).

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Notebooks & Notepads

I personally like most types (if not all) of notebooks and notepads.  They are practical and handy especially when you have some ideas popping out of nowhere and you need to jot down quickly before you forget.  Or, write down your to-do list when grocery shopping.

To-do list or to-get list is vital to me and somehow helps me remember better.  I’ll carry one when I’m out and about so that a) I know what to do and buy, b) feel good to be able to clear the list, though the list is always getting longer.

I even wrote down a list of questions when I went to see a Chinese Physician recently.  When she saw me looking at my list and said, “It looks like you still have questions, right?”  Yes, it’s easier to refer to my list and ask her so that no more doubts after leaving the place.

Even though we can now write digitally, I still prefer pens, pencils and notebooks.  What about you?

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Wooden stamps and clear stamps are essential especially if drawing is not your forte.  So do I.  The stamp can quickly help beautify a journal page.  You can add some other embellishments to make it your own art project.

Do you prefer a wooden stamp or clear stamp or both?

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This category includes pens, pencil cases, mousepads, blank bookmarks and so on as shown below.

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Hope you liked this short post about our products.  The sale is still on-going so be sure to go to our shop to find out more!

If you are in Malaysia – please shop here.

For international customers – please email us here for further info.



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