Personalized Christmas Gift Wrap Using Wide Washi Tapes


Today’s blog post is about how to personalize Christmas gift wrap using wide washi tapes.

Can you believe that I’m writing about Christmas gift wrap in August (at the time of writing this)?  However, I’m not the first one talking about Christmas now because…

…I received emails not too long ago that some stores have started promoting new Christmas crafts items.

Personalized Christmas gift wrap using wide washi tapes. It’s easy, quick and budget-friendly too |

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All of sudden, I just felt uneasy.  I can’t imagine time flies so fast that I’ve lost track.  The first half of the year has gone in the blink of an eye, and we are now onto the next half of this year.

Even though I always wish that time could just stop for a moment, we just have to keep moving and pushing forward.  Instead of panicking and worrying, let’s remind ourselves to be positive…

…We always have more than enough time to do what we need/want to do.

…It’s always a good idea to start and prepare early.

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Alright, let’s come back to this easy and budget friendly personalized Christmas gift wrap.


This Christmas gift was for my 4-year-old nephew last year.  I was supposed to write a blog post about it but didn’t get to do it until now.  However, I did share a brief story on our Facebook page.  Here’s the link if you’d like to have a look.

Allow me to digress a little bit here before I continue the easy gift wrap.

I’ve been practicing de-cluttering for quite some time now.  This is actually an on-going process.  Nowadays, I always ask myself before I get anything:

  • Do I need the item or do I want it?
  • Am I going to use it?
  • Do I have space or storage room for it?
  • If I want to get the thing, is there anything I can give away or throw away before buying?


You see… I used to keep a lot of stuff be it books, clothes, papers etc as I always think that maybe I might use one day but unfortunately no.  The stuff was piling up, and it took me a while to go through all the items and declutter.

Have you heard of this, “Cluttered space, cluttered mind.”

I should have read Abby’s article about her de-cluttering and organizing method before starting my own process.  She mentioned the “One in, one out” rule which is so useful.  It resonated with me so much that I left her a comment that it should be “One in, five out” rule in my situation. 🙂


Thus, let’s continue the Christmas gift wrap…

The easiest way would be to get some store-bought gift wrapping papers and that’s it!  However, since we still have many rolls of washi tapes, why not make use of some?

Suddenly, I remember I have a few drawing papers from a sketchbook.  The drawing papers are a bit bigger than the gift itself which are perfect!

All you need…

~ 2 pieces of drawing papers (A3 size)

~ Wide washi tapes


As mentioned in the previous blog post about combining music sheets, wide washi tape means the width of the tape is larger than the slim tape (3mm and 6mm) and also the standard one 15mm.  Some people said that it’s a bit hard to use the large decorative tape as it’s not so practical.

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But, in this gift wrap sample, the big size comes in handy as you have enough tapes to cover both sides equally.

Christmas gift wrap for kids using drawing papers from a sketchbook and some washi tapes |


So, how to personalize Christmas gift wrap using wide washi tapes?

#1 – Put the first drawing paper at the bottom

#2 – Insert the present

#3 – Add a second drawing paper on top

#4 – Use any wide decorative masking tape to seal both drawing papers.  Focus at this stage if you prefer straight lines.  Otherwise, you’ll have more tapes on one side than the other.

#5 – I used different designs to create a Christmas tree in the empty area in the middle.  But you can get creative here definitely!  Color it, draw it or doodle it etc.


Note: Sorry that I don’t have the step-by-step pictures to show you.


My little nephew seemed to understand when I told him to be careful when opening his Christmas present so that he won’t cut the gift itself.  Plus, I hope he took some time to appreciate this “creative” personalized Christmas gift wrap before he opens and not destroys and tears the papers.  Haha!

Since I gave this to him a few days earlier before Christmas, I also said to him please only open his gift on the day.  He went to the calendar to show me and nodded!

Thank you for reading!  Hope you like this quick and easy Christmas gift wrap and use whatever you have to create your very own version.


Sharing with you a few more samples below:








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