Inspiring Interview Series – Yoga, Mala Jewelry Making & Essential Oils


Inspiring Interview Series – Yoga, Mala Jewelry Making & Essential Oils.  Find Out These 3 Different Crafts From A Capable Mom.



The Inspiring Interview Series is a brand new topic on

Amazing people will be featured in the series to share with you their expertise and crafts.  Honestly, I have yet to encounter some of the crafts not to mention trying them.  However, they do what they love to do and make it work.

Even though me being a multi-passionate, I’d love to learn them all and write for you.  I think by the time I learn them, I won’t be able to do other things.

Inspiring Interview Series – Find Out 3 Different Crafts From A Capable Mom – Yoga, Mala Jewelry Making & Essential Oils |

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Therefore, the best way is to ask the experts themselves and let them show you.  Who knows… you may get some inspirations and find a new found craft or two.

Let’s explore together the different types of arts and crafts which you can start and learn!

Keep reading before the interview or click here to jump straight to find out the crafts.



I’ve been writing washi tape crafts and stuff for quite a while.  It’s time to share with you something a bit different.  It’s not because there’s nothing much to talk about the little cute tapes.  In actual fact, it’s quite the opposite.

You see… there are so many decorative tapes, craft items, stationery and brands out there in the market.  It’d take quite some time to cover them all.  However, is it possible to cover them all?

Another main reason is that arts and crafts can be in many ways and forms which I mentioned in this article.  Why do we need to limit ourselves in just one area?

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Please don’t get me wrong.  It’s definitely a good idea to be an expert in your professional field.  But my point here is that it’s also no harm exploring different types of crafts and hobbies.

This is because you can get different perspective whether it be learning the same things from different people or learning something totally new.



Therefore, let’s be open to trying like what my guest or more appropriately, a capable mom, Leonora Lo, mentioned later in the interview.  She’s going to share with you her crafts and passions.

We actually met at a networking event not too long ago.  I was amazed that she has classes and workshops in three different areas yet they’re also interconnected in a way.  So, I must ask her for more information!

Without further ado, let her share with you about yoga, jewelry making and essential oils.


Please tell us about yourself.     

My name is Leonora Lo, a mother of two young kids.  I’m originally from Indonesia but now residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  My favorite colors are blue, white and gold.

My days can be quite a hectic juggling between family and work.  So, I really enjoy looking at great arts and drawings because creating art is from one’s heart.  I admire and appreciate those awesome pictures and paintings which also help me relax in a way.  That’s also the reason I want my daughter to learn about drawing. 🙂

I also enjoy reading especially those related to self-development and spiritual such as The Alchemist.

Erina’s Note: I’ve heard of this book many times but yet to read.  It’s time to add this book on my To Read List.



Washi Magic Blog is about arts, crafts, stationery and decor.  We are NOT experts in health-related issues.  We share with you all these are because a) We’ve tried before ourselves and b) The following types that we mentioned below can also be another form of arts.  Therefore, if you have health issues or allergic, please consult your physician first.



Why yoga?  How did you get started?

I’ve been into personal development and growth.  I was interested in finding my inner soul and purpose in life.  I came across a Yogi from India who explained that the more you try to feed your mind, the more confused you are.  We need to work from our body; it’ll then reflect on our mind.  Basically, yoga helps me get my mind calm and centered.

Inspiring Interview Series - Teaching yoga in action |


Do you also practice meditation?  What do you think of it?

Yes, I do practice.  Meditation is also part of yoga.  It’s not just about sitting still but also including movement such as doing the yoga pose, walking etc.  Say when you practice and focus on a yoga pose, you are meditating.  It helps you focus and calm your mind.

Erina’s Note: I agree with Leonora’s point when she mentioned that meditation is also including movement.  This reminds me of piano practice.  Sometimes I was enjoying the music so much that I’d forgotten what’s going on outside of me and less chatter in my mind.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often which means I need to meditate more.


When did you start learning?  Have you taken any classes?

I started learning yoga in 2015.  Yes, I took classes and obtained teacher training – Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) and I’m a certified yoga teacher.  I teach in various places including aromatherapy yoga.

Inspiring Interview Series - Teaching and learning yoga outdoor |


Do you have any favorite yoga pose?

My favorite pose is Padmasana, also called Lotus Pose.  The benefits of Padmasana include relaxing the mind, calming the brain and also making you more aware of things and many more.

Inspiring Interview Series - Padmasana or Lotus yoga pose |


Did you find any difficulty in learning especially the more advanced yoga poses?

I didn’t see it as difficult.  I just turned the difficulty into something I enjoy doing.  Any poses that I couldn’t do in the beginning, I’d be able to do it with diligent practice because I love it!

I also want to explain that the poses are just by-products.  The most important thing is that learning yoga helps relax your body, mind and soul.  Plus the health benefits that come with it.


What have you learned along the way?

Yoga is not a religion.  It’s not a sport.

Erina’s Note: When I learned yoga, I’d often look at other people.  I was wondering if there’s something wrong with me because it’s tough to do certain poses.  Thus, instead of relaxing, it’s kind of stressful sometimes.  “Yoga is not a sport” is definitely a great reminder.  It’s also not a competition but listen to the rhythm of your body.


Do you have any other advice for someone/beginner who’s yet to learn yoga?  What’s the best approach to start?

My best tip for someone who wants to learn yoga is to just relax and enjoy.  And more importantly is to not compare.  Speak with the teacher about your intention of doing yoga.


Jewelry Making – Mala Necklace

I haven’t heard of Mala Necklace.  What’s it exactly?

It’s a prayer string use for meditation.  Mala is used to keep count of mantra repetitions, or Japa, during meditation.  I teach people how to do personalized Mala which you can knot your own Mala.  You may infuse your own intention bead by bead.


Inspiring Interview Series - Mala jewelry making bracelets |


Why did you choose this particular jewelry making?

I was curious and searched for more information about it.  I stumbled upon Mala making workshops and learned some using the colorful crystals especially.  Not only was I so intrigued by the colors of the crystals but also the healing part.  As you may know, crystals can have healing effects.

Inspiring Interview Series - Mala jewelry making necklace |


Where do you get inspirations from?

I usually get inspirations from magazines and children.  You’ll be surprised how creative children can be!  They can just let their imagination run wild without restriction.

Erina’s Note: Agreed!  Isn’t it something that adults can learn from kids again?  We used to be like that, didn’t we?

Inspiring Interview Series - Mala jewelry making pendant and beads |


Are you doing this full-time?  Is this your own business?

This is my own business.  I’m actually doing this part-time.  I do have workshops teaching my students how to choose the crystals and make beautiful bracelets.  So, I’d say it’s more for fun because looking at the exquisite crystals just makes me happy.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are getting popular.  How did you come across these oils?

Many people approached me multiple times about essential oils but I was not open to using any of them at the time.  I gave them a try when I was having a bad cough and surprisingly they helped me recover without medicine.  The oils also helped my children’s respiratory system.  It worked so well for us that I started to learn more about essential oils.

Inspiring Interview Series - different types of essential oils |


There are many brands out there.  Why did you choose doTERRA in particular?

I’ve tried other brands but still come back to doTERRA Essential Oils because of the great quality.  You can tell the difference if the oils are pure or already mixed with other fragrant.  My customer even described these oils have a higher vibration.  It’s important to choose good quality oils if you are serious about using them.

Erina’s Note: I also read some good reviews about doTERRA.  So it’s wonderful that it’s available in Malaysia.


What made you want to do this as your part-time business?

Actually, I wasn’t keen to do any sort of direct selling business.  Yes, doTERRA is a direct selling company.  I simply love the products and can’t wait to share with others.  Doing this part-time is a progression.  The more I share, the more people asked me to buy for them.  Furthermore, I like the flexible hours!

The essential oils worked for me and my children.  It’s so good that I started sharing with my family and friends.  It’s amazing that the oils also worked for them.  How can I be quiet if I’ve found such fantastic products? 🙂

This is what motivates me to share more about essential oils.  Nowadays, many people are looking for natural solutions to help them heal.  It’s a breakthrough in the medical world where people have other options to cure.  It’s simple to use and the results are fast.  But, choosing the right oils is very important.

Inspiring Interview Series - using essential oils |


How to choose the right essential oils?

First of all, the oils must be pure and of good quality because you won’t feel oily at all.  Secondly, check the company background.  They should be transparent enough explaining how they produce the oils and of what quality.  Thirdly, ask trusted friends about their experiences.

Inspiring Interview Series - how to use essential oils |


How to use essential oils?

You can put a drop on your palms, rub them and smell.  You can also take a drop and apply it on the affected spot.  But if you have sensitive skin, add carrier oil such as coconut oil.  This is because essential oil is potent.  Thus, you can use doTERRA essential oils aromatically and topically.


What are your favorite oils?

My favorite ones are Peppermint, Frankincense and Lavender.  Peppermint is so refreshing that it helps to energize, breathe and relax.  Frankincense is king of all oils as it’s highly versatile in uses and benefits.  Lavender is good for skin, bruises, rashes, eczema and dry skin.  It’s also famous for its calming effect.  I use Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils to help my kids recover from the allergic skin.


What’s your advice for people who are still skeptical about essentials oils?

Just be open to use and try the oils and also get someone to guide you.


Photos credit: Leonora Lo


Thank you so much Leonora for doing this interview with me!  She has regular workshops and classes for yoga, mala jewelry making and doTERRA Essential Oils.  You can contact her via Facebook: Leonora Lo and Instagram: Leonora Lo.


Thank you too for reading the interview!  Which one is your favorite?  Will you give it a try?



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