Use Washi Tape To Combine Loose Music Sheets


No idea what to do with wide washi tape?  No idea how to keep track of all the music sheets?

Here’s how!

Use washi tape to combine loose music sheets |

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This post is actually not considered a washi tape project.  I simply found a way to make use of those pretty washi tapes, especially the wider ones.

What do I mean by that?

As mentioned here, there are various sizes for washi tapes in terms of width, from 3mm to about 38mm.  The common and standard size is 15mm.

However, as a seller and collector, how can we not get other different sizes?  As such, we’ve collected all sorts of different decorative masking tapes of various types and sizes… from the smallest to the largest, and of course, including slim washi tape to wide washi tape (in terms of the width of the washi tape).



mt slim masking tape black and white set, Japanese washi paper tape |

Different washi tape sizes |

Italian flowers mt masking tape |


Get the popular black and white slim tape here.



We’ve also received some comments that it’s a bit difficult to use the wider washi tape.  Perhaps it’s not as practical as the standard size or even the slim washi tape where you can adorn say, your planner easily.

The wider washi tape is even impractical if the picture is joined together continuously.  That means it doesn’t make sense to cut them in half, such as in the picture below.

Canal town washi tape by Aimez le style, Japanese washi paper craft tape |

Colorful and bold canal town


Of course, you might argue that you could still use the wide tape in a very artistic way.

Totally!  But that’s not the point of this blog post.

That’s why I usually use wide masking tape to decorate the plastic bag, gift bag, or kraft bag.  Or simply use it as the closure, which works great.

Christmas gift wrap for kids using drawing papers from a sketchbook and some washi tapes |

I used the wide washi tape to stick two papers together on all sides


On the other hand, I’ve also been collecting numerous loose music sheets for quite some time.  Some are extras from the books, some are printed copies… There are just lots of papers in different piles.  It’s really a headache to combine all of them nicely and neatly.

Therefore, there were many times I pretended I didn’t see those loose music sheets.  I simply endured the messiness.  Imagine the papers have already been organized perfectly.  But alas, it’s quite the opposite in reality.

Something must have awakening inside me… and I said to myself, ‘Enough is enough.  Do something about these papers.  It’s time to tick things off in my never-stop-growing to-do list.’

If you also play a musical instrument, you should have experienced turning a page while playing, right?  This is especially more so if you are playing something at fast speed and you’ve to turn the page…  it’s either you memorize the piece or stop the flow of the music.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the music sheets were all laid out nicely in front of you and you could practice without worrying about turning a page?

So why not combine the wide washi tapes and the loose music sheets together?

That’s how I realized that the big deco tape comes in handy and useful!

Use washi tape to combine loose music sheets, practical ways to use wide deco tapes |

Back view


Use wide and beautiful decorative tapes to join your favorite music pieces together |

Front view


You can, of course, use different wide washi tapes to color coordinate the music sheets.  I didn’t do so obviously as shown in the pictures above.  Just too happy to have finally organized the papers and used of the washi tapes! 🙂


Gentle reminder:

Even though washi tape is low-tack where you can stick and remove easily, sometimes it also depends on the surface.  Hence, if you stick to the music sheets, which are paper, the tape will pick up the fiber.  It’s not removable.

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So make sure you combine the 2 papers as closely as possible if you want to have a straight line if you get what I mean, such as step #7 below.

Another thing is that I only joined music sheets of no more than 5 pages.  If there are too many papers, I still won’t be able to lay them all out on the piano stand due to limited space!



Step By Step Tutorial – How To Use Washi Tape To Combine Loose Music Sheets

Step 1 ~

Get ready the music sheets and wide washi tapes.  Punch holes first if you want to insert them into a binder.

Wide washi tapes and loose music sheets step-by-step tutorial |


Step 2 ~

Start with the first and second pages of the music sheets.

Start combining 2 pages of music sheets together using cute washi tapes |


Step 3 ~

Turn the pages and lay them accordingly, as shown in the picture.  Please turn to the front and check that the music sheets are in the same direction and not upside down.

Step 3 is to turn around the music pages and lay them accordingly, make sure they are facing the same direction |


Step 4 ~

Then use wide washi tape to join the first two pages together.  Due to the papers I used, it’s hard to remove without picking up some fiber.  Just focus if you prefer a straight line.

Step 4 is to use wide washi tape to join the first two pages together |


Step 5 ~

Turn the papers and seal the other side.  Please ignore the holes next to the wide washi tape, which I accidentally punched.

Step 5 is to turn the two music pieces and seal the other side |


Step 6 ~

The first two pages are done!

Step 6 shows that the first two pages are combined using beautiful decorative masking tape |


Step 6 shows that the first two pages are done using beautiful decorative masking tape |


Step 7 ~

Then take page 3 and join the existing page 2 together.  Align both pages as straight as possible and use big decorative tape to stick.  Repeat the same for the rest of the sheets.

Did I warn you to focus at this stage?  Or else you’ll have more tape on one side than the other.  Hopefully, you can’t see that clearly in this picture. 😉

Step 7 is to use big washi tape to join page 2 and 3 together and align both pages as straight as possible |


Thank you for following along!  Hope you find this easy and quick tutorial helpful.


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