What Is mt Maki Maki? Should You Get One? {and a GIVEAWAY!}


Seriously, what is mt maki maki?  Is it about food, sushi, or a restaurant?  When I type “maki maki” in the Google search box, this is what I’ve got… Japanese restaurant and sushi bar?

What is mt maki maki? Should you get one? Step-by-step pictures and washi tape samples | mt masking tape | Washimagic.com

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I was shocked, of course, as this blog is about washi tape and not sushi.  So I quickly changed the keyword to mt maki maki, maki maki masking tape, or maki maki for masking tape in the search box.  I then only found the results I wanted.

Isn’t it the same thing in life as well?  If you ask the wrong questions, you won’t be able to get the results you want.  If you sense that you are heading in the wrong direction, do you still go ahead?  Or, do you change the plan?

You might be wondering about asking the wrong questions.  Some people encourage you not to be afraid of asking questions since there are no right or wrong questions.  Just ask!  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s true to a certain extent.

However, I also realize that if I can spend a little bit more time thinking about the questions and the answers and outcome I truly want, then I’ll get the right answer quicker.

Just take this simple search that I did as an example.

For the sake of convenience, I just typed “maki maki” in the search box and expected to get the same results.  However, the results are something totally different.  If I just typed “mt maki maki”, I’d get what I wanted.  Isn’t it faster to simply add “mt” in front?

I know this is not so related to washi tape.  Nevertheless, we can always learn a thing or two from the most mundane or routine work or even the tiniest thing.  And from this, what I learned is – don’t be lazy!  Just add a few more exact words, go the extra mile, and don’t give up until asking the right questions and getting the outcome I want.

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Enough said.  Let’s come back to this.  So, what is mt maki maki?

mt maki maki is actually a winding machine or rolling device where you can make a smaller roll of mt masking tape instead of carrying around a large roll.  This is especially handy if you are always on the go.  By the way, this machine is a manual one.

mt maki maki rolling device | Washimagic.com


You can transfer from a big roll of pretty tape to a little cute washi tape.

Normal size mt tape and smaller size | Washimagic.com


There are 2 options where you can choose to use the round core or flat core.  Can you see the little hole on top of the flat roll (please refer to the first picture on top – the white thing, something like a bookmark)?  Add a beautiful ribbon or baker’s twine to make it a bookmark, too.  Awesome?


Take A Closer Look At This Little mt maki maki

When I said little, it’s really a tiny one as shown below.  The plastic cup next to the device is just for comparison.

Use a plastic cup to compare the size | Washimagic.com


The size is approximately W3.6” x H4” (9.1 cm x 10.1 cm).  Since the shape is triangle, so the depth is 2.5” (6.4 cm).

Complete set of mt maki maki | Washimagic.com


There’s a simple manual inside the box where you can learn how to use the machine, but the language is in Japanese.  Please don’t ask me to explain. 🙂

As mentioned here, even though I’m keen to learn the language, all I know is only guessing the meaning.

Anyway, not to worry, the illustrations are pretty clear in the manual.  Otherwise, read on to find out more.


How To Use mt maki maki rolling device?

Step 1

mt maki maki in action | Washimagic.com

Take out the big brown roller at the bottom and your favorite masking tape.  Ensure the adhesive part of the tape is toward the top roller, as shown in the picture above.

Push in the big roller until you hear the “tick” sound.  Okay, it can be a bit loud.

The white thing next to the mt tape maroon is a stopper to ensure the tape stays in place.


Step 2

Using round core on mt maki maki | Washimagic.com

If the round core is used, take out the top roller and insert the round core.  Then just start rolling the tape!

The round core can be separated into pieces.  Therefore, you’ll find 3 big pieces and 3 small pieces.  One thing is that I find it a bit tough to separate the small pieces.

Separate the round core into small pieces | Washimagic.com

The big ring or roll is suitable for standard width 15mm (0.6 inches) tape, while the small one can be used for W6mm (0.24 inches) tape even though the actual size of the core is 5mm.


Step 3

Using flat core on mt maki maki | Washimagic.com

If you prefer the flat core, then remove the top roller and replace the white flat core instead.  And all you need to do is start rolling the washi tape and have fun!

Say if you want to add 20mm masking tape, it’s recommended to use the flat core since it has more space.


Whenever I look at this mt maki maki machine, it makes me feel as if I’m using some sort of pasta-making machine.  Just roll and roll and delicious flat noodles will be right in front of me.

But hey, the outcome is not about delicious food.  The outcome is a beautiful handy teeny tiny masking tape!


Should You Get mt maki maki?

Of course, I’d want you to get one!  Please buy one now!

Honestly, I can’t answer the question for you.  You know yourself best, right?  If you have the budget and would love to try something new, it’s good to get one.  If you don’t have the budget and don’t feel like getting one, nobody can force you as well.

In my opinion, you can also make smaller rolls of washi tapes without this machine.  You can simply get the round core or flat core and roll it yourself.


If you were to use mt maki maki, would you put a few in one go or just one roll at a time?

For me, I’d rather roll one tape at a time.  I find it easier to control.  Plus, if you want to change the deco tape, it is also easier and not have other washi tapes stuck together.


Is It Just For mt masking tape? 

Testing Aimez le style adhesive tape on mt maki maki | Washimagic.com

The size of the big brown roller at the bottom is definitely designed for mt tape.  Meaning the hole in the middle of the tape fits nicely into the brown roller.  However, I also try using Aimez le style adhesive tape, such as the Polish Fruit in the picture above.

Though it looks big, the stopper is vital here to put the tape stay in place and I can still roll it easily.  Or use your hand to adjust accordingly.


Where to buy it?

Update: Sorry this item is no longer available.


That’s it!  Thank you for reading.  I really hope this article helps you know more about mt maki maki.

Would you be keen to get this mini machine?  Why or why not?



Giveaway For One Lucky Reader
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Oh, there’s also a giveaway for one lucky reader.  The gift is the round core with gorgeous washi tapes as shown below.  Join our mailing list and you will be entitled in the lucky draw!  Good luck!

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Giveaway - round core and washi tapes | Washimagic.com


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