Gold Washi Tape Birthday Card


Would you like to create a gold washi tape birthday card?  Or, would you prefer to receive one?  But wait a minute… what if you don’t have white cardstock?

Gold washi tape birthday card | mt masking tape gold | gold dots washi tape | birthday greeting card |

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Not sure why I find the gold color pretty attractive lately, even though I like pink, as mentioned here, and also blue.  Maybe getting real gold is considered unattainable at the moment.  But even if I have real ones, such as gold jewelry, I dare not wear them anyway.

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Fortunately, there’s still something else like gold washi tape.  Use it to enhance the look of your projects if you are looking for something luxurious, sparkling, and magnificent.  No more worries if you don’t have gold color patterned paper or cardstock.

I use 2 different gold washi tapes for this simple birthday card.  The first one is gold glitter tape.  The adhesive is not so great.  Once you stick, that’s it.  I tried to re-position the washi tape, but it picked up the fiber from the card.

Below are some pictures which we have posted before on our online store.  You can also tear by hand for our glitter tape here…

Gold glitter tape | Gold washi tape | Glitter decorative tape |

Gold glitter masking tape |

Use scissors to cut the gold glitter tape or tear by hand | Washi tape | Gold glitter washi tape |

Glitter tape gold | Gold washi tape | Glitter decorative masking tape |



The gold polka dots washi tape is from the mt product range.  We almost missed this product because we didn’t think it’s that nice by merely looking at the picture in the catalog and didn’t pay much attention.  We finally got this one in due to a customer’s recommendation.

I’m glad we did, thanks to our customer’s feedback.  The gold polka dots washi tape is so much better and classy in real.  The dots are small, and the color is not as shining as the gold glitter tape.  It suits pretty well for a special occasion like a wedding.

I’ve been thinking of combining these 2 washi tapes together to make a project or two.  I made one eventually.  So let’s find out!



Material Used For The Gold Washi Tape Birthday Card:



How To Make A Simple Gold Washi Tape Birthday Card ~

Step 1

No white cardstock? Use the other side of the cardstock instead |

The left one is unused and the right one is the birthday card showcased today.


What can you do if you don’t have any white cardstock?  Can you use the remaining cardstock from your previous project?  Why not?

As shown in the picture above, I have this green cardstock (12×12”) which I’ve used a little bit for some other projects.  I’ve kept it for ages as I’ve no idea what to do with it yet.

The other side of the green cardstock is white.  All I need is the white background to do a sample to see what my card will look.  So why not use the same green cardstock but decorate the white portion?


Step 2

As such, I measure and score the cardstock using a Martha Stewart scoring board and then use the cutter to cut it in half.  And now I have 2 “white” cardstock!

The scoring board is optional here if you can measure and cut straight away using your cutter.


Step 3

I wanted to create different layers for the birthday card.  Instead of using gold patterned paper or cardstock (I don’t have by the way), I simply use the gold decorative tapes to complete the look.

No need to cover the whole area but the edge only.  For instance, gold glitter tape is to cover all 4 edges of the card.  A similar procedure for the gold dots mt tape.

Shining birthday card using gold color washi tapes |


Step 4

Lastly, add 3 more tapes, hemp rope, little dots, and a Happy Birthday stamp.  Double-sided tape is used here for the top layer.  Don’t forget the inside if you use the cardstock the other way round.  Just add white paper inside.



Suggestion: Is There Anything Else To Improve? 


My initial attempt to make this fairly simple gold washi tape birthday card is to do a sample first to see what it will look like.  However, I don’t treat it lightly.  The main reason is not to waste any paper if I can help… talk about frugality 🙂

#1 – Work under good lighting.  Why?  So that you can…

#2 – See clearly when you position the gold glitter tape if you are particular about neatness and straightness.  This is unlike another gold mt washi tape which you can remove and stick again easily.

#3 – For the second layer (gold dots mt tape) and the top layer, you can fold over the excess washi tape to the back and then add glue.  I forgot to do this for the second layer…

#4 – If you add the white paper inside the card, test first if you can open and lay it flat easily.

#5 – if you use other patterned cardstock like my birthday card sample and want to cover that inside the card, why not use the same washi tape to cover all 4 edges and add white paper on top?  But remember to glue well so that it looks the same and consistent inside out.


Thank you for following along!  I hope you like this simple gold washi tape birthday card and give it a try!

Instead of using copper ink for the Happy Birthday stamp, what other color would you use?  Would you want to make it pop or blend in with the overall color?



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