2 More Unique Washi Tape You Should Try

I didn’t even plan to write this – 2 more unique washi tape you should try – as I thought I was done with my top 10 favorites.

2 more unique washi tapes you should try | mt masking tape | easy diy crafts | DIY washi tape scrunchie | Washimagic.com

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But I found these 2 gorgeous-looking tapes quite unexpectedly, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Have you come across certain things which are beautiful and yet you are not very sure what to do with them?  So you just keep these things in your drawers, waiting for inspiration to come… And sometimes you wonder why you bought them in the first place.

If you are only a customer, you can buy whatever you like and ignore the rest.  However, as a seller, it’s different because there are so many factors you need to consider.  You can still buy things you like and sell, but at the same time, you also buy other things to sell even if you don’t quite fancy certain colors and designs.

This happened to us.  No matter how much we love washi tapes (or even other craft items); we will encounter certain colors or designs which are not so attractive to us.  Yet, we still bring them into our online store (please click here to read the update about our shop) because we believe some others will like, appreciate and purchase them.

Why?  Because each of us has different preferences.

By the way, before I continue, I have to confess… even though I’ve showcased these 2 tapes before in my gratitude journal, they are still not my top favorites.  It’s not because they are not pretty or unique or anything like that, it’s just that, 1) not my style and 2) no idea how to use them to make them look even nicer.

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Let’s explore… 2 more unique washi tape you should try to use

1- mt ex Kamon

mt ex kamon masking tape | Washimagic.com


This is a Japanese-style masking tape.  Kamon has a special meaning which you can read more about it here.

The background color is light brown, and the design is very special.  You’ll see rabbits, birds, flowers, and a few other unique symbols so to speak.  Does it look strange and puzzling at first glance?

“No need to figure out what that means.  Just decorate!”

I know.  But, wouldn’t it be better if I knew more about it sometimes, especially for someone who’s not so creative?  Say, whenever I look at mt ex diary of cook mt tape, I know I can use this to adorn a food-related journal.

As for this kamon washi tape is a bit tough.  It doesn’t quite belong to any category other than the cultural-related group.  Hence, it’s just been kept in a box until recently.  I simply grabbed this tape to do some samples for decorative rubber bands.

I was actually looking for something with bigger width other than the standard width of 15mm (0.6 inches).  mt ex Kamon washi tape is 25mm (0.98 inches) in width.  And the outcome…

…is just surprisingly beautiful.  The frills look amazingly gorgeous and artistic.  Both sides of the tape stick well together as if one piece.

Use mt ex kamon washi tape to make a decorative rubber band | Washimagic.com


If you are looking for something artistic and the colors are not too bright, try this mt ex Kamon out.



2- mt ex Patchwork

mt ex patchwork masking tape | Washimagic.com


The patchwork pattern makes me think of some kind of classic fabric.  That’s it.  Not knowing exactly how to use this special patchwork design.

There are, of course, many other ways to use this particular masking tape or pair it with other colors or designs, however, I’ve no idea until…

…when I used it to make some samples combining patchwork washi tape and rubber bands.

Same as mt ex Kamon masking tape, I picked this tape up because of the bigger width of 20mm (0.79 inches).  The decorative rubber bands look nice if you have a wider washi tape so that you’ll be able to see the frills/pictures/colors better.

Decorative rubber band using mt ex patchwork masking tape | Washimagic.com


And again, to my surprise, it looks aesthetic.  The sophisticated patchwork pattern no longer looks sophisticated.  It blends in neatly and nicely into one beautiful decorative rubber band.

As mentioned in the article here, you’ll need to stick 2 masking tapes together to make one.  Some stick well together, while some not so much.




From the samples above, they stick pretty well together.  The touch and feel are smooth as if some sort of special fabric… silk perhaps?  Some pictures, such as rabbit, bird, etc (refer to the third image above) are not that clear due to the frills.  All you see are beautiful soft colors!

You can make a few decorative rubber bands using these masking tapes to adorn, for instance, bottles, temporary bracelets, or even scrunchie.  Try a few if you have wider washi tapes in terms of width.

Both mt ex Kamon and patchwork washi tapes have been showcased in my gratitude journal.  I thought that’s it.  I thought decorating the papers was the only way to utilize these pretty little washi tapes.

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Have you encountered such situations as when you are too close to a subject, you simply can’t see it clearly?  Or, if you have too many options, you’ll get confused because you are not sure which one to go first.  Or, what about this… if you stay in your comfort zone for so long that you are afraid to even step out of it?

We are facing the same things.  Sometimes we keep collecting so many things, not knowing exactly what to do with them… We see the subjects too closely and think that the way to use them was the only way… Or sometimes we find the objects are too ordinary…

When I look back at some simple projects, no matter what, we can still discover the gems in the most ordinary things.

If you come across this article, give these 2 washi tapes a try, and don’t forget to share your crafts in the comments below!



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