Washi Tape Phone Case: My First Experiment Using Mod Podge


Creating your washi tape phone case is one of our earliest projects, such as this one (#3).  However, this is my first experiment using Mod Podge.

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I don’t even know what it looks like let alone use it.

I’ve been reading and watching a few videos about Mod Podge crafts, for example, how to use Mod Podge to make or seal something.  It seems like some magic because you can use it to create lots of interesting craft projects.

Therefore, this was something on my to-buy list, and finally bought it when I almost forgot about it.

I usually write down all the stuff that I want to buy.  If I don’t get it this time, I’ll just keep writing on another piece of paper.  So it’s already rooted in my mind that this is something I’ll buy one day.  Then I saw it unexpectedly while walking around in a new craft store called Spotlight. (no affiliate)

Before I continue, below is a brief explanation of what Mod Podge is.

“It’s a water-based, all-in-one-glue, sealer, and finish.”  Click here for more info.


You can find different Mod Podge for different usage.  There’s even one, especially for paper.  I wasn’t sure which one to get but eventually bought this one (you’ll see it by clicking here) since I always see this on other blogs and websites.



Why Do I Mention About Mod Podge?  What Has It To Do With Washi Tape?

As mentioned in this article, the unique feature of washi tape is removable and repositionable, unlike other normal masking tapes.  You can seal and peel it off easily.  From what I observed so far, most decorative masking tapes I used stick pretty well.

Nevertheless, different tapes from different companies and brands have different quality.  The quality here refers to the adhesive.  Most stick well on paper.  Some adhere satisfactorily to tables, walls, wooden cabinets, etc.

No matter what, washi tape is still something low tack.  You can stick it and yet be able to remove it easily.  That’s the beauty of it.  This means you can change the pattern or color as often as you like.

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Due to the low tack, it may not stay well on a certain surface, especially the edge.  Here’s a picture of 2 different Shinzi Katoh masking tapes.

Use twist ties to hold the end part of Shinzi Katoh masking tape


The reason I use twist ties to hold the end part is that certain washi tapes tend to curl up like the samples above.  Seriously I’ve no idea why.  It’s kind of disturbing.  I really don’t want the curly thing happens whether the project is for own use or as a gift.

So, I thought it’s the same result (i.e. the adhesive was not strong enough) if I used Shinzi Katoh masking tape on a cell phone case but wait…

…let’s see what happens to the DIY washi tape phone case: my first experiment using Mod Podge.




  • Cell phone cases
  • mt Deco Border Peach masking tape
  • Aimez le style Dot Line washi adhesive tape
  • “Love” sticker
  • Shinzi Katoh Squarely masking tape
  • Shinzi Katoh Dream Work masking tape
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife



How To Combine Both Washi Tape And Mod Podge?  What’s The Outcome?  

It’s easy to personalize cell phone cases.  The most challenging part is how to paste nicely, especially on the edge, side, and curve.  Otherwise, the end part of the masking tape may curl up and it won’t look so nice.

DIY washi tape phone cases



Once I finish adhering to washi tape and trim off the excess, I then apply Mod Podge all over the pink cell phone case while the light brown one just leaves it as it is.

The result?  There’s a protected layer on the pink cover, so that’s no way you can see anything curling up.  Since the Mod Podge that I bought is matte, so the shiny part is not that obvious.

As mentioned earlier, the edge of Shinzi Katoh masking tape tends to curl up, yet it’s surprisingly pretty good in this phone case (on the right) without using Mod Podge.  The minor curl is just a teeny tiny bit on top of the cover.

Anyway, if you were to gift this DIY phone case, it’d still be better to add Mod Podge just in case.



Suggestion: Is There Anything To Improve Upon Washi Tape Phone Case: My First Experiment Using Mod Podge?

All in all, it’s pretty easy to use both washi tape and Mod Podge.  I wonder why it took me so long; just to get a bottle of Mod Podge.  The one that I have is a small bottle.  If you want to test it, consider getting a small bottle then.

If you want to make some cute cell phone cases for yourself, you may want to skip Mod Podge or just apply it on the edges to prevent it from curling up.  This is because you can change different washi tape patterns depending on your outfit or your preference.

But, it’d be better to apply a thin layer on top of the washi tape phone covers if you plan to gift.


Now, I’d like to hear from you what’s your first experiment or experience using washi tape and Mod Podge.  Does it help or not?  How?



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