Easy Washi Tape Bookmarks Vintage Label: Try Different Paper/Cardstock


What you’ll see in today’s project is easy washi tape bookmarks vintage label.  It’s easy and budget friendly because all I use is simply scrap paper as the base.

Easy washi tape bookmarks vintage label

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The highlight of this easy washi tape project is the different types and colors of scrap paper and also the Vintage Label washi adhesive tape from Aimez le style.

The scrap paper that I’m going to be talking about is merely small piece of paper.  It is not big enough to make a card.  Depending upon the size, perhaps you could create a small gift card, tiny envelope & letter set, a cute bookmark or punch out some shapes and so on.

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So, what do you think of using scrap paper?  Good?  Not so nice?  Dirty?  Low quality?

You might not have any scrap paper to begin with if you just embark on your new crafting journey.  However, if you’ve started crafting for a while, you’ll realize you’ve plenty of paper or cardstock here and there.

Sometimes it’s so much that it becomes a dilemma!

Should you use that remaining paper or cardstock from previous projects?  If so, where could you use?  How could you best use them?

Or, should you just throw them away?  Maybe you could just accumulate more and sell them later?

No doubt that you do have a few options, however, it’s still a headache to find a way to best utilize the scrap paper and cardstock.

And I’m facing such issues.

Recently, I’ve this idea of doing spring cleaning in order to clear and tidy up my little yet compact craft area.  My mission is to clear and use whatever I find in the craft stash.

It’s still an on-going process and I can’t believe that I have so many “precious stones” inside the stash which I’ve been collecting over the years!

Do you have such mindset as, “Okay, let me keep all these scrap papers because I can use them to punch some shapes for my next crafts projects one day!”  You know what… not only is my plan for using scrap paper yet to happen, but it’s also being shoved onto the back burner for whatever reasons.

Now it’s the best time to use.

I saw this long strip of paper on my desk.  Why not make a quick and easy washi tape bookmarks vintage label?

Vintage label on white paper


The washi tape that you see here is from Aimez le style called Vintage Label.  It’s been featured in the Gratitude Journal before.  Here’s the blog post.  What’s your view about this washi tape?

Truth be told, this item is less popular.  Could it be the design or color?  May I know your opinion in the comments below?

Anyway, there are 5 different designs in the masking tape and then it’s just repeated after that.  So, I use all 5 designs as the length of the bookmark.  Stick the vintage label masking tape, add distress ink and ribbon.

Moreover, the end result is not so satisfactory due to the paper as it’s just normal light-weight paper.  Therefore, I continue doing the same easy washi tape bookmarks vintage label.  I change the paper to blue cardstock and add another washi tape from Somitape called tree pattern.

Diy vintage label bookmark on blue cardstock


The final result is a wee bit dark due to the scrap cardstock I use.  The blue is more of darker color.  That’s why blue rhinestone is added to make it brighter…

The last washi tape bookmark that I try is a vintage style scrapbook paper.  I personally think that it’s a better match due to the vintage and nostalgic feel for both the paper and masking tape.

DIY bookmark on vintage paper


Below is a list of items in case you are wondering what materials I use for this easy washi tape bookmarks vintage label.



Suggestion: What Else Can You Do To Make This Easy Washi Tape Bookmarks Vintage Label Better?

These are a few things I can think of now…

  • Use text stickers to replace writing such as something bright to make the bookmark look more attractive
  • Use light colored washi tape instead of tree pattern (the blue cardstock sample)
  • Change to other ribbons and not just blue
  • Leave some space on top of the scrap paper for hole punch
  • Test your desired washi tape on different scrap paper to see the outcome… is it nice or not?
  • If you’ve no idea what to do with scrap paper, use it to practice, practice, practice… the more you practice, the better you will get

Is there anything else you could do to improve these easy DIY bookmarks?


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