Snail Mail Project #9: Travel Deco Tape Envelope And Letter


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Travel is always a hot topic.  Who doesn’t like traveling?  Who doesn’t like going to somewhere far, fun and exotic?

Can you find any washi tape that looks familiar here?

Snail mail 9 fun and vibrant travel washi tape envelope letter set | travel themed deco tape | DIY cute snail mail ideas |

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Yes, World Landscape by Aimez le style.  That’s the one.  I’ve use it before in this post.  I can’t help but to use this colorful tape again on today’s project – travel deco tape envelope and letter.

World landscape washi tape from Aimez le style Japanese washi tape


The difference is that the world landscape washi tape is paired with 3 other tapes so that you can also see other combinations.

This world landscape washi tape is popular and sold out pretty fast too.  You could use it to decorate your travel journal, or you could use it on your vision board to remind you your next travel plans, or you could use it to adorn snail mail.

I’ve mentioned a few times travel themed blog posts and washi tapes.  When you are not quite sure what to talk about, travel is a good topic to start. 🙂

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Do you like traveling?  Where did you go?  Most people that I encountered love traveling.

The air fare is cheap nowadays.  It’s hard not to grab some good deals and fly to your dream place.  Some people are really good at finding out the best and cheapest rate, able to decide fast and press the buy button.  Sometimes the price is just too good to be true.

Of course from my own experience, that comes with a price, too.  For instance, the flying time could be at odd hours, the airport could be somewhere else or there were things that you need to pay extra.

I remembered waking up in the middle of the night (about 1am or so), getting ready and walking in a quiet night with other friends so that we could catch our flight.  This happened a few times.

Even though I was half awake and secretly regretted why we couldn’t pay a little bit more so that we could get some sleep, overall it’s still a memorable experience.  It’s sort of like physically tired due to lack of sleep but mentally excited that we were flying out!

That’s no excuse that you can’t travel unless you don’t want to.  I’ve heard of some people dislike traveling.  I’m not sure of the main reason but I’m just a bit surprised.

I feel blessed to be able to visit different places earlier on including a place I never dreamed of going such as the majestic and gigantic Egyptian Pyramid.  Even though I don’t travel that much now, I do love reading books, magazines, websites and blogs about all of the wonderful places.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you have to go somewhere far away.  You could find interesting places to travel within your country.  You could take a short trip to somewhere nearby.  What about a weekend getaway?

The point here is to take a break if you’ve been stuck indoors working all day.  Otherwise, indulge in beautiful and colorful travel themed decorative tapes could help as well. 🙂


Materials To Make The Travel Deco Tape Envelope And Letter:


Just 2 Steps To Transform Plain White Into Fun & Colorful Travel Deco Tape Envelope And Letter  

Step 1

Okay, no more mini size this time.  I have to make sure that the envelope and letter are big enough to accommodate the world landscape washi tape.  Below is the size:

Envelope: W6.3” x H4” (16 x 10.2 cm)
Letter: W5.7” x H7.5” (14.5 x 19.1 cm)


Step 2

The fun part begins here.  Since I want to showcase the world landscape washi tape, I stick the whole picture instead of cutting them apart.

Let’s talk about the letter.  Can you see the red tile at the bottom?  I’ve no idea what to do with the small blank space but adding the tiles make it look like blending in.  And then the sticker “&” is added to tell your travel adventure stories…

…it could be places you’ve been to or it could be your future travel plans where you and the recipient would go together.



Lastly, just add some final touches such as cloud, airplane and fake stamp sticker.  If you’d like to know more about the brand, there’s an article about product reviews here.

You can also draw or stamp.  But for someone who can’t really draw, using pretty masking tapes to tell a story can be a great alternative, too.


Suggestion: What To Improve On The Travel Deco Tape Envelope And Letter?

If you wanted to send the mail as it is, it’d be better to re-decorate the envelope such as moving the washi tape to the left.  I’m not so sure of how the postal system works.  It could be they need to scan the envelope, and the decorations might be blocking it.  Please share if you know more about this!

You may disagree but I’d rather get creative with the travel deco tape envelope and letter.  Insert them into an extra normal envelope and mail it.

Would you want to do it this way or would you rather not bother adding an extra envelope?  What’s your opinion?


Coming up next snail mail project: combining love and chocolate masking tapes – you can have both!


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