Snail Mail Project #7: Sweet Pink Washi Tape Envelope Letter Pattern

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I almost didn’t order this pink washi tape.  The official product name is mt 1P Deco Border Peach masking tape.

When I read the catalogue, I thought the color was orange.  I’ve seen the fruit and that’s the reason why my mind is fixed that the color should be orange.  But no… take a look here!

Snail mail 7 super sweet and lovely pink washi tape envelope letter set | mt masking tape | snail mail DIY ideas |

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I’m not an expert in colors nor do I have problems differentiating colors (or so-called color blind 🙂 ).  I did examine inside out the washi tape and took a few closer looks at it… and I can tell you that it’s indeed pink!

Isn’t it certain word, text or meaning can sometimes be misleading?

Well, it could be that peach has different color spectrum and pink could be one of them.  Okay, I’ll let you figure that out as I’m more excited about this super sweet pink washi tape envelope letter pattern.

Pink washi tape | pink mt tape | Japanese washi tape


Anyway, I was so delighted that I took the plunge and purchased right away for 5 reasons:

  1. Since the cost is within my budget, no harm trying it out;
  2. Even if it’s not the kind of decorative tape that I wanted, I could still use it.  In fact, the more, the merrier;
  3. I was curious as to why the pictures showed pink and yet it said mt deco border peach;
  4. Could it be a typo error?  But shouldn’t be for a large corporation like mt
  5. I really wanted to reassure myself that my color sense and eyesight are functioning properly.


When I received the product, it’s a wonderful surprise that it’s actually my favorite pink!  Woohoo!

The color is even BETTER in real.  It’s not hot pink, it’s not light pink and it’s not dark pink.  It’s well balanced.  In my humble opinion, this is the best pink washi tape that I’ve encountered.

The pink is very sweet, lovely, feminine, romantic and girly.

The 5 reasons that I share with you bring me to…

You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try


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Let’s come back to this super lovely pink washi tape envelope letter pattern… all you need is:



How to turn plain white into romantically sweet pink washi tape envelope letter pattern?

Step 1

Get ready white paper of your choice for the envelope and letter.  The size is mentioned in the suggestion section below.  You can either plan your layout on sketch paper first or just decorate right away.


Step 2

I have been storing those little embellishments (felt hearts shape) for ages so I determine to use those to make them look like balloons.  The pink masking tape that you see on the left of the letter is supposed to be straight line but it’s no longer straight after half way through… therefore, the extra masking tape at the bottom is to cover that part.  Please imagine that it’s another creative pattern. (ahem!)


Step 3

Add other embellishments as you please.  Use washi tape and heart punch to create different patterns.  Stick a few washi tapes on paper and use your desired craft punch to make something different like shown below.

Pink washi tape envelope


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Step 4

The glue I use is mainly for paper related such as the envelope and the small pink hearts shapes.  3D adhesive foams are used for felt related items.  I find them easier this way plus these tiny foams create 3D effect and make the items pop up a little.


Suggestion: What To Improve On The Pink Washi Tape Envelope Letter Pattern?

Measure the sizes for the envelope (W6.4” x H4”) and letter (W5.7 x H11”).  Or, if you have existing set, use that as a guide.  If not…

…you’ll end up having different sizes.  The letter paper I make is slightly big and can’t fit into the envelope.  I can fold the paper a bit different but it won’t be so nice.  I overlook this part again… (sigh).

Thus, it’s best to use scrap paper to test first.

I hope you don’t mind me mentioning this “error”.  I could have just changed the snail mail project and made it perfect on my blog.  But I believe that if you were to see the mistakes that other people make, you could learn from them and do better.


Do you like pink?  Would you consider getting this pink washi tape?  Why or why not?


Coming up next snail mail project: Lots of smileys that will make someone smile!


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mt 1P deco border peach masking tape


Heart shaped punch


Envelope punch board



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