Snail Mail Project #6: Piano Washi Tape Envelope Letter Pattern

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The colors for today’s mini snail mail project are also black and white.  However, this time is a different one because it’ll produce beautiful sound…

…presenting to you – Piano washi tape envelope letter pattern.

Snail mail 6 piano washi tape envelope letter set | happy music, happy mail | music deco tape | unique crafts ideas |

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Music is everywhere.

Just switch on the radio while stuck in a traffic jam.  Can’t sleep?  Then listen to some relaxing music.

Have trouble controlling small kids?  Try some classical pieces such as Mozart’s music.

Not able to focus on your projects?  Listen to music that helps you focus.

Feel down and in no mood to do anything?  Find some songs you like and sing your heart out.

You don’t need to know how to play an instrument, although it’ll be a bonus if you know.  It helps express feelings and makes you focus on the music.  When you concentrate deeply on it, you don’t have time to think about other things, and eventually, you’ll feel happy and satisfied.

Somitape piano keys washi tape



Nonetheless, the music choice is also quite subjective.

Not of us like the same genre.  Just take, for example, my family.  Elderly members usually prefer golden oldies, while the younger ones prefer pop songs.  I personally prefer classical music, new age, light & easy and some oldies.

This is good in a way.  You’ll have the opportunity to listen to and get to know other music as well.  Otherwise, I realize that I keep listening to the same music over and over again.

Do you listen to music while working, studying, jogging, doing household chores, or eating?  Some can’t listen to music while working because they’ll start singing and dancing. 🙂

And this leads to… choosing the right music at the right time at the right place.

Will you listen to heavy metal music in the early morning or at night?  Well, some people are okay with it, while others just can’t.



Little Experiments: 3 Examples

I’d tried listening to Mozart’s music before sleep.  His music is usually bright, happy, clear, and clean.  Guess what, I had trouble sleeping because my mind was so active as if I’d lots of ideas running through…

However, a music teacher met a friend who’s a kindergarten teacher.  She told her she’s having difficulty controlling the kids.  She always had to yell, “Keep quiet! Quiet!”  No one was obedient.

Hence, the music teacher suggested she change the background music from pop songs to Mozart’s classical pieces.  The result?  The kindergarten teacher only needed to gracefully press “play”, and she didn’t need to yell anymore.  The kids were so easier to control.

Have you heard of Spotify?  I came across someone using the “deep focus” music to help her focus on working on her projects, and it worked.  I’ve yet to experiment with this, but maybe you can give it a try.


You might have heard of this before… music is a universal language.

It’s not so vital even if you don’t understand the language.  Of course, it’d be a different case if you wanted to study further.  Overall it’s about expression, feeling, emotion, and sentiment that connect you and the music.

That’s why when I discovered the piano washi tape and the colorful music notes decorative tape; I couldn’t help but get them.  They inspire me to make this piano washi tape envelope letter pattern.

Why not give it a try?  Listen to some happy music and start making happy mail!

Colorful music notes washi tape


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How to make piano washi tape envelope letter pattern?

Step 1

I use thin paper for this mini snail mail project.  It’s a normal 80gsm white paper.  Various thicknesses of paper are used to see if they are a good match, and so far so good.


Step 2

With the help of the lovely envelope punch board, making an envelope is just a breeze.  Use glue or washi tape to stick.


Step 3

Just add the piano washi tape at the bottom and find the other 2 different masking tapes to match.  I particularly like the colorful musical notes on washi tape because even though the keys are black and white, the sound they produce is so colorful and rich.



Suggestion: How Can You Improve This Piano Washi Tape Envelope Letter Pattern?

When I place the black polka dot mt slim tape in the middle of the letter, I just want to divide the page in half. However, if you wanted to fold the letter in half, then the slim tape could be affected.

So here are 2 solutions:

You can either place the slim washi tape slightly off the center or fold the paper before the polka dot deco tape.  Below is a picture to illustrate.  Of course, you can do it your way, too.

Piano keys masking tape


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How would you re-create or re-design this snail mail?  Is there anything else you want to add or change?


Coming up next snail mail project is sweet, romantic, and feminine.  Some people like the color while some people don’t because it’s girly.  Any idea what the color is?



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