Snail Mail Project #5: Mysterious Purple Flowers Envelope Letter Pattern


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When I first saw this floral washi tape range, they are so pretty, delicate and look so real even if I spotted them via pictures online.  The design is so different from other masking tape brands such mt, Shinzi Katoh and Aimez le style.

See the picture yourself…

Snail mail 5 mysterious yet delicate purple flowers envelope letter set | beautiful floral washi tape |

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But I’ve to be honest that not everyone will love this kind of design, color and pattern no matter how much I believe that this is lovely.  This is because I received different opinions about such design.  Some raved about it and bought a few of the same item while some said nothing special.

Yano Design purple flowers washi tape


Ouch.  How would you feel when someone said your carefully-prepared-carrot-cake was not that tasty or your stunning new outfit was just so-so?

It’s not a nice feeling to hear that, right?

Yes, it is… initially.

But when I think further about it, it’s okay to accept the fact that not everyone likes the same thing.  It’s just like some people prefer eating mango while some prefer eating cherry… and I’m the latter.  Mango won’t say, “Hey, why do you dislike me?” 🙂

Anyway, it’s just an analogy.

I feel better as I think of it this way.  Nevertheless, it lets me curious as to why some people dislike this kind of floral design.  Is it because they don’t like flowers, purple or the color too dark?

Could you please let me know?

In fact, purple is not the only color in this floral decorative tape.  They have other colors such as white, pink, red, blue, orange and so on.  I wish we could grab all of them.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you the brand name of this.  It’s called Yano Design – another type of washi tape that is hard not to check it out and get some.

Click here to check out other designs.

Beautiful floral deco tape in violet


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How to make?

Step 1

I continue using the same white paper further to my previous mini snail mail project.  This color really makes those pretty little tapes stand out well.  Plus, it’s easy to get… just check your desk if you have any white or scrap paper lying around.  Even if the one that you have is just thin paper, you can also use that to experiment.


Step 2

Are you tired of me telling you that I’m using the envelope punch board again to make the envelope?  I just can’t stop using it once I’ve started this happy mail craft.  The measurements are mentioned on the board.  So all you need to do is just measure, cut, fold and glue the envelope.

You can also find other different types of “machines” in the market to make the envelope.  So, not to worry if you don’t have the same type (yet).

Purple floral envelope | DIY snail mail ideas


Step 3

This is where the fun part begins… decorating the plain white paper!  I cut the flowers separately to use them as stickers and place them strategically. 🙂

Can you see one flower at the bottom of the letter (first picture, second from the left) which is kinda pop up?

Just stick the flower on another piece of paper and then use 3D adhesive foam to make it pop.  Easy peasy!

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Suggestion: What To Improve?

To me, purple color especially the darker shade looks mysterious, cool and secretive.  You might not be able to see well on the pictures here due to lighting and screen resolution.  The purple floral tape might look slightly dark in real but I can tell you it looks gorgeous under natural light.

In order to make a consistent look, mt deco purple line masking tape is used to match the flowers.  And then, I do another mysterious purple flowers envelope letter pattern but add yellow lines by using color pencil (sorry that the image does not show the yellow color well).  I wanted to see if the yellow could make the overall design brighter.

Purple flowers masking tape on yellow lines snail mail


I hope you get the point.  You can try out other colors to find out the best match for purple.

One more thing… please remember to measure the letter or writing paper because the second one that I make is too big and the envelope is small.  Yikes!


Next snail mail project is about graceful, charming, lovely music and let it fill up the space! “What a Wonderful World”!


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Yano Design purple flower washi tape


Envelope punch board



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