Snail Mail Project #2: Do You Really Need 5 Different Washi Tapes To Make A Happy Mail?

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After the first mini project, I could have continued with the black and white masking tape.  Why?  Because this set is so easy to use.

No need to worry about if the patterns are matching or not.  You can use 1 tape or all 3 together.  No issue about these 2 classic colors – black and white – they are match made in heaven.

But somehow I didn’t continue using this color combo.

There’s no gray area or transition in between.  Why is this happening?  Isn’t it weird?

Instead, I jump straight into bright and colorful masking tapes for my second mini snail mail project and here’s the picture.  The bunting always makes me think of birthday celebration or whatever happy party you want to do.

Snail mail project 2 colorful happy envelope set using 5 different washi tapes. Can you spot them | deco tape | washi tape crafts ideas |

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Not only is this envelope and letter set colorful, it contains 5 different washi tapes!  Plus, I missed 2 rolls in the picture.  Oops.  I only noticed when I was about to write this blog post.

Can you identify all the washi tapes in the picture?



  • 80gsm white paper (normal printing paper)
  • mt ex flag
  • mt deco blue line
  • Prime Nakamura colorful little houses
  • Prime Nakamura small flag (not shown in the picture)
  • mt slim red (looks like lighting pole in the picture but the actual roll not shown – see another example here)
  • Envelope punch board (to make the envelope)
  • Scissors / cutter / trimmer
  • Glue


Before I carry on, let me show you another picture – the 2 deco tapes from Prime Nakamura that I use are the smallest.

Different washi tape size

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How to make?

Step 1

Simply grab whatever paper or cardstock you see on your desk and start doing.  This is what I do exactly.  I see some scrap paper on my desk and why not use this white paper rather cardstock.  Really, I don’t want to waste even the smallest piece of paper.


Step 2

I lay eyes on the colorful flags from mt ex range which is another popular item and as such I use this to guide me.  In the first project, I mentioned about deciding your preferred theme or color.  It’s the same thing here.


Step 3

Since the size of white paper is in A4 (slightly larger than US letter size), I trim it down to 6 x 6 inches.  So I can use my favorite envelope punch board to make the envelope.  As for the writing paper, the height is 5” and the width is 3.7”.


Step 4

The fun part begins where you can put all the pretty tapes together.  Initially I wanted to put the big bunting on the side so that I have ample space to write.  But I figured that it’s kind of weird on the side.

I don’t know why I have this perception that the flags or buntings should always be on top?  What’s your take?

Anyway, the whole thing is to create a happy place to be in, to celebrate a special occasion with your family and friends.  You can definitely use different bright-colored washi tapes of your choice – you can pick 1 tape or even more than 5 tapes to adorn the white envelope and paper.


That’s no right or wrong way of doing it. Just treat it as a beautiful art piece. Don’t forget to leave at least a few lines to write which is the main purpose of sending a real mail!


Suggestion: What To Improve?

This colorful theme is suitable for (but not limited to!) birthday celebration or baby shower.  Instead of making a birthday card, what about creating this envelope and letter set and post to someone you care?

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You can alter the size.  Make it bigger if you want to so that you have more space to write and embellish.  Make this set bigger if you plan to mail it because this is rather small to post it just like that.  I don’t want your mail to get lost!

The decorative masking tape and the glue stick pretty well on paper like this.  So that’s no issue here.  However, you can leave the designs for a day or two to see if the edge of the tape curls up or not.  Well, I’ll talk more about the “curls” in future post (use Mod Podge as shown here), however before I end this post…

…there’s something else I’d like to touch upon.  Remember I mentioned something “weird” in the beginning?  Why don’t I continue using black and white combo?  Why don’t I use gray or some other neutral colors to make a smooth transition before moving on to bright and colorful tapes?

What’s the main reason causing such a big difference?  As I ponder, interesting answers began to emerge…

There are 3 possible reasons:

  1. I made the projects subconsciously
  2. I made the projects in a hurry without thinking much
  3. This could also mean which colors I prefer to use the most

And so I check my wardrobe and other stuff and even this blog plus our online store, you’ll find many different colors rather than pure black and white.

Perhaps you can pay attention to this as well to discover a little bit more about yourself.

If you were to use the bunting masking tape, how are you going to decorate your snail mail?  What’s your ideal design to make a happy mail?


Christmas is coming very soon and this will be the theme for my third mini snail mail projects!


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