Product Reviews: Prime Nakamura & nami-nami

I’ve been wanting to share with you 2 new products for ages that we have not too long ago.  Most items are sold out now except this one (update: no longer available).

Product reviews: deco tape prime nakamura and nami-nami | Japanese washi tape | decorative masking tape |

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Okay, you may call “brand reviews” as well since I’m going to be covering 2 brands – Prime Nakamura and nami-nami (a brand name under a Japanese company called Pine Book) which we brought in at the same time.

What attracted to us is both of them have their own unique designs, styles, sizes and adhesive.

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When we saw the kawaii (cute!) designs, we couldn’t help but to get some in for our online store.

This is very much like shopping for new clothes.  You can never get enough even if the wardrobe feels like going to explode anytime soon.  It’s almost the same thing here.


Firstly, let’s start with Prime Nakamura mini decoration tape.

Prime Nakamura mini decoration tape


They have many more designs of course.  These are just a few that we purchased and tried.  Do they look normal or smaller in the picture?

I thought so.

I was aware of the size because the word “mini” is mentioned on the packaging.  You see, sometimes, it’s hard to imagine the sizes without using a ruler especially if someone is not so well-versed in measurement such as how wide 20cm is, how long 5 feet is etc.  I was just too excited placing the orders and eagerly waiting for their arrival.


Shocked moment…

When I opened up the package, I was stunned.  These mini decoration tapes are so much smaller than what I’d seen and imagined!


Sometimes it’s a bit tough to see on the screen even if the ruler is added in the picture.  I wasn’t sure if I should upload these mini tapes for sale.  However, what are we going to do with the stock if not selling?  Therefore, I took the pictures carefully, set the price at MYR7.50 (US$1.70) and added a clear description like below.

Stop!  Alert!

Okay, sorry for shouting.  Just wanted to remind you that this mini craft tape from Prime Nakamura is really that mini size.

These are not the usual sizes you see from mt, Aimez le style or Somitape.  Think of this deco tape like a baby size; the normal tape is adult size.  And because of this, we took pictures with and without packaging using metal ruler for each product.

From what we understand is that this kind of mini tape is meant for diary, pocket diary, journal, notebook, planner etc.  This is only our suggestion and you can use whichever way you wish.

Note: We’ve since removed this from our store since all the stock is no longer available and no plans to restock.  But put this up here again for reference.


Therefore, let’s just call these baby sized masking tapes while the mt tapes that you usually see are adult sized washi tapes.

These tiny tapes are suitable for use in planner, diary, and journal especially if you have small space.  You can stick this mini tape easily.  That’s why you can also find a calendar printed on the packaging.

More information about these items:

  • Designs / styles – cute and colorful
  • Size – width is 6mm (0.24 inches) and the length is approx 3m (9.84 feet)
  • Transparency – seems like white paper tape
  • Adhesive – no problem on paper, removable and repositionable
  • Japan design / made in China

Click here to see more about Prime Nakamura products.  When you reach there, just look for it under brands.



Next, what about nami-nami deco masking tape?

nami-nami deco masking tape


Can you spot the special characteristic for this range?

Yes, the masking tape is in die-cut shape.  The word “nami” means wave in Japanese.  As such, you can see wavy lines on their tapes.  To be exact, each individual picture has its shape pre-cut top and bottom (or one side only).  This will make your design (say if you use it in your planner) look livelier unlike other “straight-lined” washi tapes.

No doubt that you could also cut those “straight-lined” tapes but these wavy ones will save you time!

The designs are lovely and honestly speaking, we like all of them.  One thing though, it’s the color.  It’s slightly lighter than the mini deco tape.  But if you were to stick on paper or diary, it should look just fine.


Again, they also have many different designs.  Although we wish we could get them all in, it’s just an uphill task at the moment.

Anyway, here you can find 3 separate sizes in width – 8mm, 15mm and 30mm (0.31, 0.6 and 1.18 inches) while the length varies from 8m, 10m, 5m (26.2, 32.8 and 16.4 feet).  Quite a lot to be utilized if you were to ask me.

More information about these items:

  • Designs / styles – cute, colorful and the color is a bit lighter
  • Transparency – semi-transparent
  • Adhesive – no problem on paper, removable and repositionable but sometimes you may find a wee bit too sticky
  • Made in Japan


In summary, the qualities for these 2 brands – Prime Nakamura mini decoration tape & nami-nami deco masking tape are pretty good.  If you are looking for some different styles and smaller versions for your planner or diary, you can try these out.

However, if you were to compare with mt or Aimez le style, my advice would be to keep an open mind.

For example, just take a look at the biggest supermarket in your local area and those mini markets near your store.  Most of them sell almost the same thing.  But do you always go to the huge supermarket which you need to drive all the way just to get handful of things?  Or, do you prefer getting a bottle of milk at the mini market near your house?

Even though mt masking tape has some cute designs as well, but I can see and feel the differences.  Do they look more mature and solid in terms of colors?  I’ve yet to find out the best word to describe it.

Anyhow, hope this article helps you know about different products and brands.

Will you consider getting these cute tapes to try out?  Why or why not?


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