Why Is There A Book About Pregnancy Appearing On This Blog?


Let me share with you a book that I read recently.

Yup, that’s the book in the picture.

This book (written in Mandarin) documented the journey of a celebrity who wanted to have a baby, to pregnancy, to finally delivering two twin baby boys.

Note: Here’s the link about her if you want to know more.

A book on pregnancy and washi tape

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Why am I sharing this book because it seems like about pregnancy?

Yes, it is.


But more importantly, it’s all because of the special edition washi tape that came with the book.

The washi tape is a limited edition gift for the first book launch.

So, it’s somewhat related to my blog!

At first, I had no intention to read, not to mention writing a blog post about it eventually.  Read on to find out!



A little bit of the background of the book

I first knew about the book from the internet (what a great virtual place!).  It kind of caught my attention because the author is a well-known singer/artist in Taiwan and Asia.

And I knew a little bit of her news because I did take a quick look at the entertainment section rather than the stressful mainstream news.

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However, I usually leave it as it is.  No further reading whatsoever, as those little cute tapes already keep me occupied. (blame the tapes?)

I thought it could just be another book, even though the special edition masking tape is included.  Am I being shallow here?

Well, when the book arrived right in front of me (my cousin bought it), I just started reading out of curiosity.  I finished the book in a sitting (I couldn’t put it down!) as it’s funny, candid and interesting!

The book is about how she and her husband eagerly wanted to have their own child.  They had more pressure due to the fact that both of them are famous celebrities in Taiwan, not to mention they were (still are) very busy with their own entertainment careers.  Stress, busyness, and many other factors can have a direct (if not negative) impact on physical and emotions.


Hence, it became difficult for her to fulfill her wish to become a mother.  Even if she finally knew she was pregnant with twins, she had to face other challenges during this period, such as hemorrhage in the early stage.  It sounded like a roller coaster ride…

I wouldn’t know about the little details had I not read the book.


I came across her news in the paper showing a picture of her at her friend’s wedding (when she’s still heavily pregnant).  Her hair and hair color looked weird to me because she is already beautiful in her own way.

Let me pause here and talk about the special edition washi tape, which should be the focal point after all. 🙂


Special edition masking tape about twin babies


This is actually a caricature and cartoon feel masking tape.  You can find related ones in the book and they have several different stories.  However, you’ll only find 2-3 stories on the tape.  A section is a little story.



So, how’s the washi tape actually?

The width is slightly bigger which is 20mm (0.79 inches) while the length is 10m (33 feet).

Note: The standard width is 15mm (0.6 inches).


Cartoon feel washi tape


The thickness is a bit thinner than other branded washi tapes.   If you were to compare with, say, mt tape or Aimez le style, the difference in the feel and touch is obvious.  The adhesive is not too bad, though.

Anyhow, don’t forget that the deco tape comes with the book.  I shouldn’t expect high standard quality for the tape.  Plus, the colors contain only black and white; perhaps you can even try to give it some colors if you wish.

What I can think of is that this is also another good way to find some interesting and special washi tapes if you want to expand your collection.



Why was her hair different?

This was because she experienced a serious hair fall after a month of pregnancy.  It’s not just a few but a lot that sounded scary.

Even the doctor said her case was kind of unusual which made her worry further.  The author even thought that she would become bald after giving birth.  That’s the reason why she always wore hats and fake hair in order to cover the problem.



What’s the moral behind this part of her story?

Well, it’s usually not a good thing to judge before knowing the truth.  I wasn’t really commenting but a little voice told me that the color didn’t suit her when I first saw the author’s fake hair.

So, what if I or someone else made a huge statement about it?  Many of her fans are also puzzled as to why she’s wearing hats all the time…

This is something I need to remind myself not to judge or comment without knowing the real stories.

Sometimes I can’t help it because I’m just a human being.  However, there’s one quote I’ll remember, “Think before you say.”

All in all, the book is surprisingly interesting with lots of pictures and text, not to mention the author sprinkled humor here and there.  It’s truly wonderful that her twin baby boys are being taken care of in a loving and healthy environment.


Special note: On the other hand, I feel sad for 2 abandoned babies (one being thrown away and one is found in a trash can) that I came across at the time of writing this article.  What a big difference, even though all of them are adorable babies…


Will you get and read the book (if you know the language)?  Why and why not?  If yes, how would you use the special washi tape?



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