Something About London Today: More Than Just Washi Tape


Do you have something like photographs, tickets, bookmarks, key chains, postcards, etc that make you stop, ponder and recollect all the fond memories?

Whenever I look at this London washi tape by Amifa (part of Aimez le style), it just reminds me of all things in London and some other parts of the U.K.  Sometimes, a little tiny thing can bring you back to the old days that almost long forgotten.

Something about London today

Note: London washi tape and blue & pink dots slim tape by Amifa.


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The Guards, Big Ben, British Museum, Tower Bridge, and so on look so familiar on this cute masking tape.  The red London bus was something I was so familiar with which I used it almost daily.  I’d only tried the black cab once with friends due to a late-night show.  As for London Eye, we only saw from afar.

Up close and personal with the famous at Madame Tussauds London

Up-close encounter with famous people at Madame Tussauds London

All these seem so far away now yet so near.

If you are a native or have been staying there for a long time, you may not find or feel something special (maybe you do!).


But, as a working-holiday maker who stayed there for about a year, it did mean something to me.

Well, honestly speaking, there were definitely good times, and some were not-so-good times.  If the good outweighs the not-so-good ones, I think it’s still a good experience overall.

So, instead of writing lengthy notes or grateful words in my journal today, I dig out 2 tickets I’ve been keeping nicely in an envelope.

I never thought of showing them publicly if it’s not because of this washi tape blog. 🙂



My Personal Experience In London

The top one is a ticket to Kew Gardens.  As you can see in the journal, it’s actually a late entry ticket.  I didn’t know what happened or why we went there in the late afternoon or maybe it’s a last-minute decision.

It’s pretty far traveling to the other side from where we stayed.  I almost fell asleep when we were on the train… cozy and cooling.  Once we reached Kew Gardens, I was then awakened by the fresh air, and quiet yet refreshing environment.

The area is huge.  A few hours in the late afternoon or even half a day is not enough to take a good look at this beautiful garden.  So, go there early if you can.

Note: Here’s the link to their website if you would like to find out more.


Speaking of London, how can you not see at least one show?  Yes, this was part of our planned itinerary.  As you see in the gratitude journal above, “The Phantom of the Opera” was the first show we saw.

Note: You can find more details about the theater here.


Sometimes, it’s really good to do certain things on weekdays whether shopping, watching movies or having a nice afternoon tea.  Why?  Because most people are working while you are enjoying life.  Haha!

The audience was a lot less on that day.  I think you should be able to count how many of us are in the theater.  We got our tickets easily and were told that our seats were being upgraded… somewhere in the middle.  All in all, it was a superb show and experience!



Take Time To Explore While You Are In A New City

Lighthouse in Portsmouth England

Lighthouse in Portsmouth England

We went to famous landmarks once or twice during our stay.

You know, the best way to find out about the local lifestyle is to go somewhere whereby tourists don’t go or don’t have time to explore.

That’s why there were numerous times we liked to just hop on the red bus and visit something different!


One thing that we did often was plenty of exercises… walking!

We usually have excuses not to walk when we are at home because we can drive!

But, when you are in a new place, you just have to walk!

So, we walked to the train and bus stations, to do grocery shopping, to restaurants, to see whatever.


The most difficult part was carrying big luggage and challenging the staircases underground.

It was no joke for someone who’s not athletically sound.  I “regretted” the moment I looked at the staircase.

First, why did we bring so much stuff?  Second, why couldn’t we get a cab or something else?  The main reason is no doubt that we wanted to save more and travel more.

Anyway, it’s pretty hilarious too, when you had your friends around because we helped and laughed at each other!



Harry Potter canteen Oxford

Look familiar?

Another highlight in London was definitely the parks… it’s really wonderful to have gardens or parks nearby even in a big city.

When you are stuck indoors all day, and need some fresh air, walk to the park!

I’d no idea how big Hyde Park was until we walked (walking again!) that seemed to no end… it’s huge!

Walking in London is pretty enjoyable due to the cooling weather.

Many people complain about the gloomy and rainy weather.  But it’s alright for me.


Coming from a hot tropical country, I certainly had no complaints at all.

Even though the weather is cooling, you might not feel anything different on your face.

You thought your face was still clean.  It’s totally the opposite!

Can you imagine the white facial cotton turning black as I wiped away the dirt on my face?


I quite enjoyed walking due to lots of practice and training while in the U.K. (no choice but it’s still a good exercise).  You get to see and find out more about the place.

Thus, this is something I missed.  I have less walking exercise here at home.  Why?  “It’s too hot!  I can drive… why to bother walking?”

Okay, you see… complaining again.


Well, no matter where you go or choose to stay, it’s vital to have an open mind and stay healthy and safe.


Do you collect tickets, cards, etc in London?  What do you like (or dislike?) about this big city?  What kind of experience do you have?



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