What About This Huge Washi Tape Wall Calendar?


When I first saw this picture on Pinterest, it’s such a brilliant idea that I’d like to share it with you.  Again, I never thought of using washi tape to make a huge wall calendar.  You see, there are far too many things beyond my imagination.

Make a huge washi tape wall calendar

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I only think of getting a whiteboard, corkboard or a big post-it board.  This kind of board can be quite pricey.  You can, of course, use one of these boards and hang it on the wall.  Or, just tape a normal white paper instead.

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This is how it looks like on Pinterest



It’s really nice to have a whiteboard or corkboard hung on the wall.  You can write your daily schedule, to-do list, or just little notes.

You can stand in front and admire whatever you have written on the board feeling satisfied.  Why?  Because you do have something to fill in the blanks, and you have appointments and work to do.

But what if you are not allowed to screw or drill holes, especially if you rent a house or room where you can’t drill holes.

Even if you own the place, your parents or someone else might not allow you to hang anything on the wall.  This happened to my friend as her parents worried the drilling might affect the wiring inside the wall.


I’d tried sticking light cardboard using a strong 3M double-sided tape on the wall.  I just wanted to keep track of all the little post-it notes and also stick some pretty postcards and pictures.

It’s indeed a very strong double-sided tape and my cardboard stayed firmly and nicely on the wall.

But guess what?

When I decided to remove the light cardboard, I had trouble removing the double-sided tape.  No doubt that the strong adhesive was the main reason I bought it in the first place.  However, I forgot to check what if I wanted to remove it after sticking.

Therefore, the ugly adhesive residue is still stuck on the wall.  Here’s the picture:

Ugly adhesive residue

Unsightly adhesive residue… this is the result of not checking first…

Note: If you have any tips on removing it, I’ll greatly appreciate your input!


I had not figured out at that time I could actually use some cute washi tapes to stick the cardboard.  Or, better still use the pretty tape to make a huge wall calendar.

Anyway, this is a lesson learned.



Check these first before sticking

Before you decide or plan to use washi tape to make a wall calendar, it’s always recommended to test the tape on one small area first.  As mentioned in this article, washi tapes are nonetheless supposed to be removable and re-positionable easily.

However, it also depends on the wall, the type of paint you have, and also the adhesive on the masking tape itself.


Test one small area first

I have tried a few different brands so far.  I usually tape some small papers on the wall and see how they look like.  I’d say most of the tapes are pretty good.  They stick well on the wall unless those are  really low and sticky quality.


Remove gently and slowly

One reminder though, if you want to get rid of the tapes, it’s better to remove them gently and slowly.  Otherwise, it might peel off the paint.

This happened to me when I used mt masking tape.  It is a good quality product, especially the adhesive.  But it’s so good that the paint and the adhesive can come off together.

Please don’t get me wrong.  It’s definitely a wonderful decorative masking tape.  Just test first before sticking it all over the wall.


Okay, back to the huge washi tape wall calendar…

Let’s say you have a plain white wall.  What about using striking red dots masking tape or gold fish tape to make the lines?

What if you already have a colorful wall or some kind of “busy” wall full of frames, pictures, or wallpaper?   It’s better to go for basic decorative washi tape such as blue border, bright or cool color.  Do you agree?

Hope this article inspires you to create your own wall calendar!


So, what kind of washi tape wall calendar you have?  Are you going to create one?  What type of washi tape(s) do you wany to use?


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