Washi Tape Hair Clip – From Black Clip Into A Happy Pink One


This is one of the first few washi tape projects that I tried.

Use washi tape to upgrade your hair clip from dull to beautiful pink

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I have a rectangular black hair clip I haven’t used for quite some time.  So, I thought why not just “upgrade” the color.  If you are into arts and crafts, there are undoubtedly many other ways you can alter.

However, as you probably know by now I still have a few more decorative washi tapes to show you.  Therefore, it is not surprising that here we go… washi tapes again. 🙂

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How to transform?

Since this is a black hair clip, you can find that the translucency is not that good as compared to a white hair clip.  Some may add another layer of white acrylic paint.  Well, as you can see, I skip this part.

It does not really matter to me.

Everything is unique and has its own beauty.

I covered the hair clip using the pink mt masking tape.  This is actually one of the 10 rolls from the box.  It is getting quite well-liked lately.  I highly recommend getting this set if you are new to washi tape crafts.

Treat these 10 colors like your colored pencils.  Plus, the price has decreased in our region too.  Hopefully, I’ll get to write an article about it.

Update: The price decrease happened at the time of writing this blog post.  However, the price for mt tapes has already increased, which I mentioned in the article here.


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A little bit more patience is needed when covering the back side of the hair clip.  Sometimes it’s just slightly challenging to cover the edges and corners.

Then the ribbon and other stickers are from mt limited edition which is called Happy Pink.  It is a rather feminine and romantic tape.  Shoes, sunglasses, bags, nail polish, etc are all in pink!

Limited edition pink mt tape

Instead of using the tape just as it is, cut each image into an individual piece and stick it on top of the pure pink mt tape.



Suggestions: What You Can Do To Improve

Again, patience is required in order to cut the image neatly and nicely.  Clearly, it’s not that way in the picture above.

What about adding more stickers or making more of like a collage pattern?

I have yet to try this but if you have Mod Podge or Gel Medium, add an extra layer on top.  This will help the washi tapes stay in place, especially since the edges can curl up.

Update: I’ve tried the Mod Podge!  Click the Mod Podge link above and find out more!



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