Today, I just want to be thankful for the simple olive leaves.


The simple and plain (sort of) olive leaves masking tape is rather bland if you prefer something more vibrant and colorful.

If both of you are destined to look at each other, you will take a look at it.  Otherwise, you would have missed this olive leaves washi tape.

Thankful for simple olive leaves masking tape


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Can you guess that it is from Aimez le style (again)?  It’s a bit difficult to recognize it, right?  Because their designs are usually full of colors and eye-catching, I also don’t quite believe that this is such a simple floral pattern.

Aimez le style olive leaves


I’m not sure if this is the reason that the stock is moving pretty slow.  We still have plenty in our inventory 🙂  (Update: It’s no longer available)

It’s just like if someone wears something too simple and normal; it’s kind of hard to be seen in a crowd.  So we spend money and time to make our outer appearance look gorgeous and stunning.  Some people prefer to renovate the exterior of their houses far better than the interior.

Is there anything wrong?

Not at all.

You can do whatever that pleases you as long as it’s legal and ethical.

However, wouldn’t it be better to have outer and inner beauty (be it the look of a person or a house)?

The red masking tape is from mt slim range.  On the contrary, this one is pretty popular.  You can find such patterns as dots, stripes and flowers in one decorative tape.

Therefore, it’s quite useful as you can jazz up a plain journal quickly, even if it’s without any other colors in my humble opinion.

Unique slim green washi tape


The Chinese words that I have for today’s journal is to remind myself (hopefully you too) not to think about how unlucky I am because there are far more people in pain than me.

Even if you are healthy, sometimes you cannot stop thinking any of the following…

…not enough money to buy that extra piece of dress or a pair of shoes and that’s why you feel upset.

…nobody seems to care about you and that’s why you feel depressed.

…feel jealous of someone having nice holidays while you check their Facebook and that’s why you feel so unfair.

…take more food than you can finish when you eat buffet because you want to taste all the food and feel it’s worth the money.

…being outspoken thinking your friends are okay with it but forgotten the simplest thing to be with them is the sheer joy and accompany.

…and many more.

Sometimes it is SO easy to feel negative and greedy, right?


No comparison but appreciation because each of this washi tape has its own beauty and uniqueness.  

I want to remind myself to be grateful and thankful for all the things that I have even if the only washi tape I have is olive leaves.

It’s a simple tape yet I get to fill in the blanks with whatever colors I have.

If I have the opportunity to have a red mt tape which the colors have already been filled, it’s great too!

I just came across this… someone mentions that if your heart is beating and you are breathing after sleep, be grateful.

Most of the time the simplest thing in life is to be grateful.  It’s easier and happier to live that way, isn’t it?


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