New Addition: Mouthwatering Chocolate


But wait… this yummy chocolate is not real.  It is all about chocolate labels masking tape.

Yes, another new washi tape is added to our collection.  Not one but three.  I wonder if I could stop (or slow down) our collection.

New addition: mouthwatering chocolate

Got these from Daiso. Don’t they look yummy?


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When I first spotted this cute tape on Facebook, I was intrigued by the unique labels that look familiar.  The various types of chocolate labels seem yelling at me, “Hey, I am yummy!”

It does not matter if such chocolate is edible or not.  I really have the urge to go and get some real chocolate to eat because it is one of my favorites!

Chocolate masking tape from Daiso Japan

Front view before opening the packaging


They mentioned that they bought the tapes from Daiso.  This is great news because I can at least get them locally.  So my cousin is the buyer since she visits the place quite regularly.

Note: Just in case if you have not heard of Daiso.  It is a Japanese store selling all sorts of products and all the prices are the same that fixed at MYR5.90 (about USD1.4) in Malaysia.


The chocolate masking tape (the link is to different designs) was not there when she went to check the first time.  However, suddenly I saw her message telling me that she bought it.  Seriously, I almost forgot about it!  Then got the stuff when I least expected it.

Japanese washi tape

Front view after opening the packaging


Don’t you think life sometimes works that way?  When you work so hard for something, it just never happens and you feel like hope is long gone.  Then all of sudden things change and you make it through.

Or, when you spend lots of time practicing one particular piece of music, you somehow never able to get past that part contains lots of difficult musical notes… you’ve almost given up.  But, one day you realize that you can actually play the notes with ease.

What about this… you’ve already spent years with the same person and you thought he/she was your Mr/Ms Right.  Yet both of you broke up out of the blue.  Thus, you have given up finding The One but then someone new enter your life; and you get married within months!

There’s a saying, “When one door closes, another opens.”


Not just one tape but three… why?

Why did we buy all 3 same deco tapes

Are they the same or different?


I’m delighted she bought the chocolate masking tape.  When she showed me the picture of all 3 tapes (I wasn’t there), we thought they were not the same.  Okay, let’s get all 3 rolls then.

Oh well, these 3 rolls are just the same designs when I opened up and looked closer.

The difference is the position of the chocolate label.

This reminds me that someone mentioned this before.  It is obvious for masking tape which has different images.

For example, let’s say there are 5 different images in a masking tape.  The first image is sunflower; second image is rose; third is carnation and so on.  Then the next 5 pictures will be repeated in the SAME tape.

However, if you have the same masking tape, I might not get the same first picture as yours.  For example, the first picture for me might be rose; second picture might be carnation etc.

This happens might be due to the production.  They cut according to the size and length and not the pictures.

Various chocolate labels in a deco tape

Full view. Size is W25mm x L5m (0.98″x16ft). Material is pulp acrylic. Can tear by hand.


Therefore, don’t expect exactly the same nor think that both masking tapes (the link is to different designs).

If the tape has similar patterns throughout such as dots pattern, it’s tougher to find out.  Anyhow, it does not matter, right?

That’s the reason why we bought all three instead of one… they all are the same!

I’m not sure if this happens to mt tapes, Aimez le style items or other brands.  We usually just buy 1 roll for our collection.


So the lesson from this experience is…

Even if the paper tape or product looks the same or more importantly even if you think the price is cheap, just get one especially when you suspect that they look the same.  It would be a different case if you plan to buy more even though you know they are the same.

Cheap but unique decorative tape

Closer look


Sometimes the pictures shown on the website might have slight differences as compared to yours.  As mentioned earlier, the positions of the images could be the reasons.  This is NOT because you got cheated.

There are more and more pretty tapes in the market.  Many companies or independent sellers are producing their very own washi tapes or paper tapes.  The quality varies and I can’t verify each of the products.  Sometimes cheap stuff can be of good quality.

Since we just bought these from Daiso, we have yet to find out and test.  But heard that the quality is not that bad.  If I had to find flaws, it’d be the packaging.


Now, what to do with these 3 tapes?

Well, I have yet to think of some ways to utilizing them.  Any idea?  Perhaps having washi tape swaps?

However, one particular chocolate label inspired me to create a mini envelope which will be posted on my blog later.  Click here to see the sample.

Another good stuff is that… I know I must get some REAL yummy chocolate one of these days… mouthwatering starts!

Hope you find this blog post useful about the new product.


Special Note: This item is not available in our online store and no affiliation with the company.  If you are interested, please check out Daiso near you or in your local store.



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6 years ago

I want to know how long is the chocolate Mt(masking tape). Pls reply
Me. Thx!

6 years ago

[…] this was something on my to-buy list and finally bought it when I almost forgot about […]