When Dream Meets Reality: Will You Still Persist To Pursue Your Dreams?


Before I begin, what do you think of these two mt masking tapes?  Are they matched?

You know, after more than twenty pages of washi tape journal, I start to feel blurry, well, sort of.  Not that I’m tired of it, it’s just that we do have quite many deco tapes and want to make sure I use them all and don’t want to repeat them just yet.

Anyway, hope you like this combination.  What about using these two tapes on a handmade greeting card?

When dream meets reality - half circle and purple mt tapes

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The light-colored half-circle mt tape (another name is arch) is also available in different colors as they come in a set like this.

Half circle mt masking tape

The color on this green arch washi tape is unreal after photo editing. Sorry! Please refer to the journal above for a better photo shoot.


Other than the border (lines) purple, you can also find a similar pattern in green, deep blue, and orange here. (Note: These colors are no longer available.)



Why do I mention dreams vs reality?

I was looking for a perfect quote to put in the journal, I saw this (please see the journal above).  The light-colored (half circle) mt tape looks dreamy, while the color for border purple tape is solid and firm.

Isn’t it true that having great dreams are not enough?

You must not only plan and take action.  But also believe in your dreams so they can be turned into reality.  You must have utter faith even if you receive sarcastic remarks or encounter obstacles.

Is it easy?

It depends on you.


If you think you can be the best artist, nobody can stop you.

If you think you can’t quit your current job yet to travel the world, nobody can stop you either.

I know… pursuing great dreams involves great risks too.  What if you quit your job now and travel?  What’s going to happen?  How are you going to pay for the expenses etc?

However, if you really want to make your dreams come true, you can set aside a budget for a year and make sure you learn and do something during your journey, whether taking great photographs or jotting down your trip.  Who knows you might be able to sell pictures or books when you are back?


Allow me to share with you a wonderful story about a musician.

I didn’t pay much attention to this well-known musician as his music style is not quite what I’m used to.  You see, sometimes it is not a good idea to judge on the surface only.

But my view changed after I stumbled upon a documentary about his way to success.

He’s already very talented at a young age, and he was told that he had the potential to be a great pianist.

Luckily his parents were very supportive at the time and still are today.  This is more so, especially in his father.  He’s willing to give up his job and support his son wholeheartedly.

This is already special (for me) because usually it’s the mother who quit her job, right?

They borrowed money to enter international competition, they found the best teachers for their son, they moved to big cities to have better music education etc.


Long story short, his son made it.  He’s now a famous musician.

However, it’s not smooth sailing along the way.  The father was very strict.  The son could feel the pressure because no matter what, he’d to make it.

How would you feel when you were under tremendous pressure?  Better or worse?

How would you feel if you were the father?


It is important to have great dreams, plan, and take action; but more importantly, your belief has to be so strong that you can persist and make your dreams come true.

There are definitely more stories like this.  This story is just one of them that I’d like to share with you today.

So, what is your dream?  Will you still persist and follow your dream?



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