Pet Dogs Masking Tape – Which One Is Your Favorite?


Although I don’t have pet dogs, this masking tape all about dogs is just too cute and adorable to let slip by.  Wonder if you could recognize that this is from Aimez le style, another well-known Japanese brand besides mt.

Pet dogs masking tape

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Which one is your favorite?  Or, which one is similar to your pet?

Here’s the full picture.  Yes, you can get nine different dogs, plus their fashionable outfits!  The artist used a softer tone and touch to create all these lovely pet dogs.

Aimez le style pet dogs masking tape


You can cut out individual pictures easily and use them as a sticker.  You can paste it on your journal, wall, or kid’s book as a way to praise the kid for doing the homework.

Dog masking tape from Japan


Oh, let’s not forget the other masking tape.  It is called slash green from mt.  I created a fun staircase at the bottom of the page, and the pet dogs are lining up to walk down the stairs.

Green masking tape from mt

Get this mt slash green masking tape here.


This is a rather popular design.  Slash red mt tape has the same pattern but different color as shown here.

The design may seem busy and colorful, but it’s versatile.  You can match the same color easily as you can find yellow, blue, gray, and green in it.  Better still, you can instantly make your project stand out.

Getting a pet is pretty common.  There are many more different types than what you see on this Japanese masking tape.  For instance, one of my cousins has a really huge brown dog.  I mean it’s really huge… long and skinny legs.

Seriously, most of us are really scared of his dog, including the vet.  Even if it is securely being placed in one corner, it can still stretch out quite far.


Please don’t laugh.  I was shocked the first time I saw a dog sitting inside a car.  Okay, since I don’t have any pet, I don’t know you can actually fetch your dog!  It must be happy sitting in the car.

It’s good to see many dog owners truly care about their pets.  For example, I always see my neighbors walk their little dogs in the morning and evening.  They always bring along paper and a bag to pick up dog poop.  This is a good practice, right?


Having a pet is indeed a pleasure.

It makes your house livelier whether you stay alone or with family.  Plus, you can freely tell your pet dog about your ups and downs, and it won’t tell anyone!

It’s another good way to relieve tension or have someone to talk to about your feelings.

I understand.


Even though my cousin’s dog is unbelievably huge, its big eyes are telling us, “I’m big but I’m kind and nice.”

According to my cousin, when his father (my uncle) passed away at home, the dog seemed to know about it and didn’t eat…

Since dogs or cats have a short life span, some people are afraid to have them while they can.  This is because it can be difficult to deal with the loss of your pet.

But instead of worrying, just live in the present and enjoy each moment when you have pet(s).

Note: Here’s a detailed article about how you can cope when your pet is gone.



Something Interesting

Last but not least, below is a famous classical music piece – The Little Dog Waltz – composed by F. Chopin (classical music composer).

Note: The links (open in new windows) will give more details about the waltz and the composer.


The weather was cold and gloomy and so did Chopin’s mood.  He was weak and upset one day.

Then he saw a little dog chasing its own tail and kept turning around on the floor.  It was cute and funny and all of sudden, he felt so much better.

Hence this was how a little dog inspired Chopin to compose this waltz.  Can you imagine the picture at that time in the music?


Having a pet dog is wonderful but it’s also a responsibility.  So love your pet, hug your pet and also take good care of it.



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Oh how cute! I used washi tape for the first time a couple of years ago for writing letters and it was great! I like the scottie dog because I had a schnauzer, which look like scottie 🙂

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