Amazing Morocco Tile In Blue


“Take one moment at a time.” ~ From Positive Ideas.

That’s why you can only see Aimez le style Morocco tile masking tape in today’s journal.

Amazing Morocco tile in blue

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You can find 11 different tile designs here, such as the tape at the bottom of the journal shown above.  The patterns are repeated thereafter.

At first, I was trying to add another decorative adhesive tape to go with it.  Then I thought, did I need to complicate the whole page?

The patterns in the Morocco tile are already intricate and beautiful as they are.  That’s why one tape for today is good enough.

Blue Morocco tile masking tape by Aimez le style

Note: This particular washi tape is no longer available.  You may find Aimez le style range here or tile washi tape here.


Perhaps I’m a minimalist.  I’d prefer something simple and elegant rather than something too complex.  However, at the same time, I do admire people who can transform something simple into something complicated yet stunning like this.

Isn’t it astounding?

I have no idea how to draw like that…there must be some secrets in it I’ve yet to find out, right?

Anyway, one of them must be this…

“…take one moment at a time.”


“Concentrated thoughts produce desired results”



Are you good at multitasking or  prefer one task at a time?

Which one gives you the best result?

I’ve tried both methods before.

Multitasking can be fun at times, and I feel like I can be a superwoman doing and completing all sorts of things.  However, there are many times I also feel multitasking brings haphazard results, not to mention exhaustion both physically and mentally.

I can’t possibly be good at everything.  I wish I could.


Have you ever felt like this before, especially at work?  Your supervisor might ask you to do all kinds of jobs that you haven’t done before.  But what did you write in your resume?  You said you are good at multitasking and willing to take on challenges.

What if you were self-employed?  Alright, the job title on your business card has finally changed to a glorious one… “C.E.O.”.  You are a proud owner of your business.

But in reality, you are the only staff in your whole business.  C.E.O. actually stands for Chief Everything Officer.  You’ve got to wear different hats while running your business, especially in the beginning.  You are the…

Front line customer representative
Communicator dealing with customers, vendors and many more
Secret agent (to check out your competitors)
Marketer for online and offline promotions
Inventory helper
Cleaner etc etc


Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying multitasking is not good because there are people (might be you!) who are good at it.

But if you can do one thing at a time, it’s better for your overall health and many other aspects of life in the long run.  Don’t you think so?

Anyhow, hope you like this amazingly beautiful Morocco tile in blue!

Just take one moment at a time.



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