Are You Planning To Travel The World? Make It Possible!


Have you ever dreamt of traveling the world?  Have you done it or are you doing it now?

Do you prefer traveling alone or is it better to have a travel buddy?

But no matter where you go, it’s important to make plans.

Write them down in your journal like this…

Travel the world washi tape

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Okay, this is a rather simple page… “Make plans. Go for what you want.” ~ from Positive Ideas

Let me add… “Go where you want to go but make plans.”

Aimez le style world landscape deco tape


If you look closely, it’s not difficult to find out why this is a hot selling item.

Firstly, it’s about traveling the world.  Who doesn’t like to travel?  Although I heard of some people dislike traveling around, it’s still a small number.

Secondly, the washi tape is about four countries with distinct cultures.  Can you tell the names of the countries? (Get the answer is at the end of this post)

Thirdly, this unique Japanese masking tape is colorful with beautiful hand-drawn picture.

Well, if you look closer, the “lines” might not be that precise.  The pictures look a bit rough.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the printing or the company did this on purpose.  However, the images look just fine from afar.

Honestly, I’m not too worried about the quality from Aimez le style.  They are a lifestyle company where they have different range of products such as stationery, kitchenware etc.  Decorative masking tape is one of them.

Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to recognize that this washi tape is from Aimez le style.

Coming back to this journal…

I’ve also added another bold and striking colored tape (horizontal lines on top and at the bottom of the Gratitude Journal) from mt for kids.

So, the whole page looks bright.  I bet you won’t miss it.


How to use the world landscape washi tape?

In your travel journal such as Traveler’s Notebook or your favorite must-have journal.

In your scrapbook.  You want to let people know that you’ve been to these countries.

In your vision board.  You want to remind yourself that you are going to these places no matter what.


Make plans.  Plan ahead.  Or, do you prefer last minute trip?  Just hop on a plane and go and not worry about accommodation etc.  Well, you can certainly do so if you are an adventurous person.

I’m not good at planning trips.  I just find it tedious doing so though I love traveling.

But luckily I have cousin and friends who are good at planning.  I can tell them where I want to visit and see if it can be included in the journey.  That’s it!  It’s easy and flexible.

This particular Aimez le style masking tape brings back so much fond memories when writing this blog entry.  I can look at this colorful masking tape.  I can look at the countless photos that we have.  But certain part of the journey stays in my mind and heart because sometimes this can be hard to capture.

For example, I went to Vienna in Austria with a group of friends.  I knew some of them; but I only got to know others in the airport.

Luckily, it’s a fantastic trip.  All of them were so easy-going and flexible and humorous too.  Having a wonderful travel buddy can make your trip full of fun.

Another friend of mine was a journalist years ago but then she decided to be in the travel industry by taking classes.  Today, she’s a happy and successful tour manager traveling around the world.

Maybe you think that making plans is not that important.  You prefer last minute trip.  Okay, that’s your choice.

But think again.

Planning ahead means you can get cheaper air ticket (or any other transport) and better accommodation price.  Even if you don’t like planning, isn’t it vital to get these two things settled first?

It’s so happened that I read two books lately about two young people traveling the world by taking buses all the way from Malaysia to the United Kingdom!

When I first looked at the title, I’d no interest knowing about the book, let alone reading it.


My cousin and I went to Germany by taking express coach from England.  I forgot how long it took… it seemed we were on the bus forever.  So, we knew that no more buses please for long journey.  Train would be a better option in Europe.

Guess what?

My cousin handed me the book and as soon as I started reading them, I finished them in less than a day.  The story is in cartoon style so it’s easy and fun to read.  More importantly, I admire their courage and determination to make their dreams come true.

This colorful travel-the-world masking tape reminds me of my wonderful trips and inspires me.  Hope this inspires you too.

So are you ready planning your next trip?  Where do you want to visit and why?


(Answers: Russia, France, Switzerland, England)


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