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”home is where the heart is.” ~ Positive Ideas

I found both the quote and masking tape almost at the same time.  So, I thought why not put them together?

And my special “guest” for today’s journal is Shinzi Katoh masking tapehappy birds.

Well, the houses stand out far better than the birds maybe due to its colors.  Do you think so?  (Note: it appears that the birds are clearer after editing the picture)

Home sweet home Shinzi Katoh masking tape


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If I don’t mention the product name – happy birds, will you see it right away?  OK, unless you pay attention and observe.

Anyway, such design (houses) is absolutely one of my (and our) favorites.  Here’s another different design but it’s also related to little houses.

The green masking tape is 6mm (0.24 inches) slim type by mt – a well-known Japanese masking tape.

You can also see the same tape in this blog post.


Unique slim green washi tape


This green tape is pretty versatile.

Not only can you use it to decorate any page as pattern, but you can also use in such a way giving an illusion as green grass.

And oh, it suddenly reminds me a beautiful song, “Green green grass of home…”

We all work so hard not only to have a shelter, a place to rest and sleep, but many also strive for better and bigger house.

Do you want a nice and cozy home?

Or, do you want a beautiful, elegant and grandeur mansion?

Do you prefer stunning exterior of the house or do you want something totally the opposite?  That is you prefer the interior is nicely decorated because you want to live comfortably and not showing off.

If budget is allowed, it’d be much better to have both exterior and interior beautifully decorated right?


Let me share with you 3 real stories.

Hard To Get Together

I came across an interview about a successful businessman.  His house is not only huge and elegantly decorated; it seems more than just a house as you can find entertainment room, impressive home office, swimming pool, lots of TVs etc.

He said in the interview that he built the house from scratch is to show his teammates to pursue your dream and make it possible.

However, at the same time, he plans to build another smaller house because he doesn’t have a huge family, just a few of them.  He worked hard earlier on to provide the best for them and each of them has their own space now, so it’s hard to gather all of them.


Too Late…

Another story is also about a successful businessman.  He works hard to give his family the best.  Isn’t it building or buying that giant house, getting that dream car etc is one of your (our) goals?  It’s nothing wrong with it if you work hard and earn money legally and morally.

But what if you work so hard and all of your attention is just to earn money and provide the best in a tangible way, and you neglect the emotional side of it?  I read the latest interview that he finally built a huge house but one of his kids is no longer there with him…


Warm and Homely

The last story is something I can remember for as long as I live though it seems almost ages ago.  I joined my friend to her host family during Christmas while in America.  We all visited their grandparents, I think (see I told you it’s quite some time ago).

I could feel the warmth and happiness when I stepped into their little house.  It’s neither huge nor fancy.  But it’s so cozy… carpeted floor, warm lights, neat, clean etc.  Something caught my attention were the little trinkets and decorative items that placed behind the sofas.  The friendly grandparents must have put some thoughts into decorating their cozy home.


Anyhow, it doesn’t matter which type of house you prefer as we all have different taste and preference.  The most important part is what kind of stuff you want to place inside other than those tangible things.  The key is to find balance right… work hard, and never neglect the emotional side of it such as caring, giving kindness, compassion, encouraging etc.

Home is just a home.  But it’s up to us to make an effort to have a sweet home.


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mt slim washi tape



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