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The products used and showcased today are goldfish limited edition and messy blue lines masking tapes.  Both of them are mt Japanese adhesive tapes.

Goldfish limited edition masking tape


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I must say the blue tape is such a nice color.  It’s not that striking and it’s certainly not very light.  The blue is just nice.

You can use it to resemble the sky, water, river, ocean, rain… mostly related to water.  Here’s an example in the gratitude journal.

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Crisscross pattern masking tape


It’s clear that I want to create an ocean-feel, flowing water kind of illusion.  The blue masking tape is folded in parts as if water is flowing.  Alright, it doesn’t look like ocean but you get the idea!

The goldfish is limited edition mt tape which you can get in the expo or maybe from others.  It’s unlike other regular washi tapes which are available all year round as long as the inventory continues.

Unique washi tape about fish

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(Note: The link is to a list of fish washi tapes and not the exact item)


This goldfish tape is cut out separately and used as individual sticker.  This can be a great material and embellishment for kids to use in their crafts’ projects.

Here I place them randomly facing different directions.  Don’t they look like in a fish tank? 😀

However, what is the best saying to represents this?

What about this… “Reach out to the needy.”

Sometimes it does not matter what kind of help you can provide.  It does not matter if it’s a donation or encouraging words or just a warm smile, a simple act of kindness can certainly bring joy to someone.


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