What Brand Is This?


Well, this is mt limited edition brand – the brown masking tape.  As for the yellow washi tape that you see in the journal should be mt as well or Kamoi.

I apologized that I’d yet to find out the real name of the yellow washi tape.  There’s no packaging paper attached to it.  It could be we got it as a free gift.

You see, sometimes you just don’t know where it is from.  Therefore, it’s important to keep some washi tape samples for future reference.

Limited edition washi tape

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Anyway, the design for this yellow deco tape is rather special.  The word “open” is placed in the middle line.  The lines in the middle indicate the open area where you can “open” by following the lines in the middle.

I hope you can understand what I’m trying to explain.  It’s similar to this design (like the image below – Zitte) though the brand is different.  You can actually tear apart Zitte tape while mt yellow washi tape is merely patterns.

Unique washi tape

How do you actually use the brown mt tape?

What brand is this - brown masking tape by mt

Is it easy or tough?

I find it hard to use this tape particularly because of the text such as “pour vous”, “limitee des produits” etc.  Maybe I’m seeing too close at it and trying to figure out how to use it until…

…I saw someone using this particular brown tape in a casual way.

The point is not necessary to use the brown washi tape as it is.

You can tear apart the words by hand and mix them with other words or embellishments that make sense.  Use other adhesive tapes to cover the brown tape to create your own collage style.


Isn’t it true sometimes that you think too much about a simple thing, over-analyze something easy?  Or, are you too afraid to make even minor changes… too scared to take another route even though you are heading in the wrong direction?

Have you ever experienced this… when you are inside the circle, when you see your own stuff too close, you won’t be able to find the answer to the issue, whatever it is?  For instance…

…as you can see in the journal above, though the brand masking tape is torn by hand, you can still read the whole text!  Just in case people want to read that!  Oh my goodness!

I read a book recently about how music can help train the right brain.  I should re-read and see how it can help me to be more creative.



Two things I want to remember about this Gratitude Journal:

  1. I am not afraid to be different even if I need to cut apart the text as long as it’s good and makes sense.
  2. I am grateful that I get to see and learn from so many amazing and awe-inspiring creations thanks to the internet and books.


So, how do you use mt limited edition brand – the brown masking tape?



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Note: These two particular washi tapes are not available.  Get similar colors instead if you prefer.

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