What Is This… Washi Tape Flowers And Follow Your Intuition?


Today’s journal is rather simple and clean… merely flowers and green tapes.

Floral masking tape in journal


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This washi tape flowers from Aimez le style is a classic beauty.  Different flowers and leaves “floating” nicely on pink background.  The pattern is romantic, feminine and soft.  It’d look pretty for country-style party or wedding.

Close-up picture of Aimez le style and mt tapes


However, would it be better if the background was clear, off-white or even much lighter pink?  In my opinion, the pink background is fine.  What if someone doesn’t like the pink?  The color might be too much.

The other one is mt green stripes masking tape.  There is another same design but in pink (picture is at the end of this post).

The design is from an earlier collection.  The company mt has already released other colors for stripes.


Have you ever followed your intuition?  Have you ever listened to your inner voice when you try to figure out an answer?  Or some call it sixth sense, gut feeling etc.  The voice is so soft and simple that it’ll be missed if not pay attention.

I’ve experienced this a few times.  Sometimes the inner voice is soft and quick… it comes and goes.  Sometimes it’s loud and clear and it stays a little longer.

Of course there are times I just ignore it as I’m busy thinking about other things.  And the ignorance led me to making bad decision.

But there are times I listen to it and follow.  For example, when I don’t feel like going to certain places, the little nudge is “telling” me… “Just go out there and something good is waiting for you.”  Or, when I am still hesitant about going to that trip, I will get the answer after a while… either yes or no.  It’s the first answer I receive.

Perhaps it sounds mysterious for some people.  But from my experience, it only works for a quiet mind.  When your mind is empty and clear without a lot of baggage, you will then be able to have this “inner power”.

Take sleeping for example.  If you feel stressed worrying about your career or business, can you sleep well at night?  Don’t think so, right?

Your mind is so busy trying to figure out how to improve your business or how to market the new product.  I remember a great master mentioned this before, “Before you go to bed, simply drop everything that is bothering you.”

It’s kind of difficult at first but it can be done.

Of late, I came across to know that many successful people use meditation as part of their “secret weapon”.  It might be tough for someone who can’t sit still or thinks it’s a waste of time sitting there producing nothing.  But why not give it a try just for a few minutes?  Try it with an open mind and heart.

We are living in a fast paced environment.

We have to move fast in all things we do, need to have more new products out in the market faster than our competitors and we should move forward faster than our peers.  Everything is fast, fast, fast!  If not, we will be left out.

I can already feel the pressure as I type this.

Taking good rest for body, mind and soul is as important as moving forward faster.

There’s a very good and insightful article about meditation from Personal Excellence.  Click here to read if you want to learn more about it.

Whenever I turn to this simple and clean washi tape journal, not only will I enjoy the beauty of the lovely decorative tapes, but I also get to re-learn something… something I might have long forgotten.  I learn again how to relax, take good rest, have a quiet mind and listen to my inner voice.

Hope this article enables to enlighten you in some way.


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