When Vintage Labels Encounter Striking Washi Tape…


How does it look like when vintage labels meet striking washi tape?

Aimez le style vintage label

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Is it better?  Or, is it still dark?

Before I begin, may I ask you what do you think about this vintage labels masking tape by Aimez le styleI’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Vintage feel washi tape label

Full view



There are five different designs and shapes such as oval, round etc.  The colors are brown and green but also look blue in a way.

Vintage labels washi tape

Partial view



Why Is It Called Vintage Label?

Perhaps it’s not that clear in the pictures due to lighting – as it looks a bit “unclean” in real.  As far as I can see, it’s not exactly dirty but containing some kind of aged effect.  Have you used distress ink before?  Yes, it’s similar.

Because of the dark colors, I use striking green mt tape to match the vintage labels.

The result?  I like the combination.  The bold green (looks yellowish?) is too bright in my opinion.  And the vintage-look washi tape is sort of dull.

Thus, combining both of them would be an ideal solution.

Plus, you can write on the label which I often use to attach it to parcel.  Stick the label masking tape on a card stock and make a vintage gift tag.  You can also try stamping on the label though I have yet to try.

How do you use such vintage label decorative tape?


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