Postage Stamp Stickers – More Than Merely Sticker Or Masking Tape


Unique postage stamp stickers and airmail label are certainly classic designs and they are popular!

Postage stamp stickers


This is because it’s practical and easy to use.

Take a look here how I used the stamp washi tape.

There are many creative ways you can apply these two washi tapes in arts and crafts projects such as snail mail, plain envelopes, handmade envelope, DIY envelopes, parcels, gift box, greeting card, scrapbook page, DIY postcards, journaling and many more.


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Special airmal label washi tape Even though their official names are mt ex stamp and Aimez le style airmail label masking tapes, you can use as they are to adorn your crafts as shown at the bottom of the journal (see below).




However, it’s much better to use these tapes as stickers like you see at the top of the journal.

Journal about stamp and airmail sticker


Is this deco tape suitable for someone who doesn’t know about it or a beginner in crafts?


The stamp and airmail label decorative tapes are suitable for someone who doesn’t know anything about crafts or a beginner.

You see… there are so many crafts products in the market.  It’s not easy to find something to begin with.  I was confused initially as to which one to get first because I felt like it’s better to get them all in order to start my first craft project.

However, it’s not necessary.

Even if you only take the stamp washi tape, you can decorate a store-bought or handmade postcard.  Write a few words to someone you care and send it out.  Please do not post it just like that since it is not a real stamp!


mt ex stamp reminds me of collecting stamps in the “old days”.

It’s a fun hobby.

My friends were collecting lots of stamps and they showed me how pretty the stamps were.  Of course, I jumped on the bandwagon and started my own collection as well.

It’s easy to collect different stamps at the time as my father used to receive lots of letters.  I still keep unique and colorful stamps nowadays if I see something special.

I even had a few stamp albums which I often “read” them from cover to cover like reading some interesting books!  But it’s pity that I’ve no idea where they are now…

I know you can get real stamps in sticker format in certain countries and glue is no long required.  I wish they were available over here.


When was the last time you received letters/cards in the mail?

Nowadays we send e-cards or e-greeting messages (e refers to electronic) via emails, sms (text messages), Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat etc.

We send all sorts of messages and wishes in digital formats and always wait till last minute or even on the day itself.  This is because the recipients will get your message instantly anyway.

Aimez le style adhesive tape

Yes, it’s undoubtedly convenient.

But don’t you think something is missing?

Something you can touch and feel.

It’s just like e-books.  I do like them because you can store them in your iPad, Kindle, laptop, computer and Smartphone.

It does help saving lots of trees and papers.

However, once in while I like to read a real book… something I can touch and feel the words and papers.

I was honored and surprised to have received a greeting card from someone I’d almost forgotten.  We didn’t have direct connection but only through the company.  And yet, I received a pretty nice and meaningful greeting card from her.

It’s such a nice feeling to get a real card in the mail.

Do you use “Par Avion” sticker when you send letter overseas?  I often use it if I send letters out of country because I want to ensure that the recipient receive quickly.

But the sticker that we have is quite normal.  This airmail label by Aimez le style is much more special and captivating.  Well, I am not very sure if it’s acceptable by Post Office or not.

If you like unique stamps, you’ll like this postage stamp stickers tape.

If you are thinking of writing a real letter to someone special who’s living in a different country, this Aimez le style airmail label is a must-have item.

Just tell them… there’s always something worthwhile in them.



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