What Exactly Is Neon Light Signboard? Is It Washi Tape?


Both items are Aimez le style for today’s journal.

Yes, both of them are decorative tapes.

But why is it called neon light signboard?

Neon light signboard washi tape


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Well, the pattern on lilac-red-yellow masking tape that you see in the picture is stripe.  It looks normal when it’s placed horizontally, doesn’t it?

However, I taped a small section vertically on the shelf and somehow it looks like a neon light when I see from afar.  This is especially more so when I take a quick glance.

Delicate tea cup and unique washi tape stripe


My dad always goes to the same type of barber shop to do his haircut.  I often notice the neon light is hanging outside the shop.

Do you know why?  Is it for advertising purposes?  Anyway this striped washi tape is sort of resembling the lighting though the color is a bit different.

The Aimez le style signboard masking tape is added because of this.  Both stripes and signboard tapes don’t match exactly.

But they are more or less for “branding and advertisement” outside the shops.  So why not put them together?

Elegant and artistic signboard


There are total of six different kinds of sign boards you can find in this washi tape.  The signboard designs are very much European style, delicate and elegant.

Looking at the beautiful signboards, windows and window box with lots of flowers and green leaves give great aesthetic pleasure.

Sometimes I even spotted similar designs outside some houses… isn’t it awesome?

If you are busy all the time or if you just finish work, why not take a break, go to your favorite coffee shop, get a drink and just relax?

Or, just sit at a small park and get some fresh air even if you don’t feel like going to coffee shop.  That’s what I do after a long day at work.  It’s relaxing!


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Aimez le style washi tape signboard



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