Tea And Cake Washi Paper Tape


So, are you ready for an elegant afternoon tea and cake?

Tea and cake washi masking tape


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The tea and cake washi tape is from Aimez le style (the link is to different designs) while the pink stripe is mt tape.

This is another lovely illustration.  Though the designs are still pretty much “Aimez le style”, the colors here are somewhat lighter yet feminine.

A close-up of Aimez tea and cake washi tape


The decorative tape has a total of ten pictures such as different cakes, cupcake, macaroon, jam, different teapots and cups.

Since there’s plenty of white space in between the cakes and all, you can cut each of them out and make as stickers.  That’s what you see in today’s journal.  I drew a few “drops” for the green teapots just to add a little fun.

Full view of tea and cake pink deco tape


The pink washi tape fits quite beautifully with the pink cup in my opinion!

Anyway, talk less, listen more and let’s drink & eat!


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