Colorful Sewing Craft Washi Tape


When I saw this colorful sewing washi tape (official name is mt ex material), I just bought it without hesitation.  It’s a joy adding another roll in our collection! (trying to forget how many I have… but you know it’s still joyful)

Sewing craft mt adhesive tape

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Honestly speaking, I have yet to figure out how to use this particular decorative tape.  Is it suitable for collage or some kind of art journal?  What about making a special bookmark for your family and friends who love to craft?

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As you see in the picture below, sewing tape is used to adorn the journal together with the slimmest 3mm (0.12 inches) mt masking tape.

Even though the blue & yellow mt tape is thin, it’s perfect for creating lines in your page, such as rows, columns or tables.

You can find so many different craft items here, for instance, buttons, bow, ruler, colored pencils, patterned paper, deco tape, hole punch, thread, paper, pin, wooden block/stamp and doily paper.

Colourful sewing craft washi tape


You may cut the bow and buttons and use as stickers here.  Yes, instead of using the tape as it is, you can cut out the picture you want and re-arrange to suit your washi tape projects.

Crafting is a wonderful hobby.

It is not limited to just card making and scrapbooking.  It can be knitting, sewing, jewelry making, soap making, ceramic painting etc.

I didn’t know much about crafts before I went to England.  I was feeling bored one day.  So I stood in front of a newsstand trying to search for the perfect magazine to read and found this…

Crafts magazines collection


Crafts Beautiful was the first magazine that I bought and hence the beginning of my crafting journey – collecting crafts magazines.  Probably I had not seen them before in my country (not that I knew of at the time), I made sure I had some money left just to get a few more similar magazines.

Fortunately, they are not that expensive if you buy locally in England.  I even shipped them back to my country when I left.

I still refer to them from time to time.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to open up these magazines.  They are like “precious stone” that the plastic sheets are still there to protect them.  🙂

Nowadays, you can get the crafts magazines easily over here but the price tags are definitely higher after the exchange rate.

Anyway, let this colorful sewing craft washi tape bring lots of happiness to you!

What kind of crafts activities do you like?  How do you use this sewing tape?  Love to get your comments!


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mt ex material (sewing) washi tape





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