Canal Town Washi Tape – Vibrant and Colorful


Yay!  This is a brand new Canal Town washi tape by Aimez le style – another well-known brand in Japan!

Splendid canal town washi tape


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Wonder if you noticed the previous posts which were mostly about mt masking tapes although a few other brands were included as well.  This is because mt was the first branded washi tape we knew and subsequently began our collection.

But I’d like to make it a point that from this post onward, you can get to see some other brands other than mt.  You know, sometimes I’d think washi adhesive tape is quite similar to fashion.

You can find spring/summer and autumn/winter collection not to mention that some other companies and artists also come out with their very own washi tape designs!

There’s a Chinese saying over here, “There’s always room for a new dress in the wardrobe.”  Well, it’s a bit tough to have a direct translation.

What it means basically is… a girl can never get enough fashion… she always feels that something is still lacking in her wardrobe, be it a matching skirt or that trendy coat.

A friend told her boyfriend that she needed to get a new dress for a party.  And he replied her in astonishment, “What are those inside your wardrobe?  You just bought new dresses last week!” 🙂

Well, can this relate to washi tape trend?  We can never get enough of those little tapes even if the storage is full.  Allow me to remind you, the existing designs are usually available and the new ones keep emerging one after another.

So, there are really a lot.

I can’t possibly get all of them and show you.  But will post them here on the blog as and when the new ones are available to us.

Okay, enough said.  Coming back to Aimez le style canal town washi tape…

Pleasant place Aimez le style masking tape


Aimez is famous for wide washi tape which is 38mm (1.5 inches) and the length is normally 10m (33 feet).  The color is bold and solid.

The cute illustration of a canal town is fun, vibrant and colorful.  Does the picturesque canal depict a real city?  I don’t know.  Speaking of canal town, it reminds me of Venice in Italy!

The deco tape that showcased in the journal is almost the “full” picture (clock and bicycle not shown on the first BUT you can see the second one for the whole picture), meaning the whole artwork are repeated after this.  Thus, you can use it in section.

Isn’t this great for children to learn something from this tape, be it the drawing, the details, the coloring?

By the way, the white polka dot on blue washi tape that you see is from Amifa.  This is also part of Aimez le style.  Price wise is cheaper but the quality is still there.

Amifa blue and pink washi tape set


What do you think of this Canal Town washi tape?  Do you like this kind of design?



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