Grow Beautiful Flowers In Your Journal!


Am I kidding?  How to grow flowers in the journal or planner or diary?

Well, there are not real flowers but mt ex hana flowers masking tape as shown below.

Simple yet stunning flowers on mt tape


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It has four different flowers such as rose, chrysanthemum and tulip.  Sorry, I’m not sure of the white one.  It looks like a white rose.

If you know for sure, please leave your comment below (or to correct me if the flowers that I mentioned above are incorrect).  Thanks in advance!


Square pink flowers


Another deco tape I use today is also mt tape called square pink.

Two colors actually, pink and green.  But the official name is just called square pink.  Both colors are mild and even.  They look soft but it’s not as light as this green dots tape.

Again, square pink and hana flowers mt tapes are used because of the lovely illustration in the middle of the journal.  The pink and green pattern looks like a stone wall though the color is different.

Anyway, just imagine it is a natural stone wall and flowers are popping out of it! 🙂

The hana mt tape is pretty easy to use.  You can simply cut or tear each flower and use it as sticker.

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