mt ex Kamon And Gold Color Masking Tapes

A little history about kamon…

Honestly speaking, this is a special Kamon mt tape in today’s Journal. This particular patterned tape looks abstract yet you can find red rabbit, yellow bird, blue bird, red butterfly, flowers, umbrella, small lantern, and some other shapes like circles.

What is kamon?


Ethnic style mt washi tape


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According to Wikipedia, kamon is a Japanese emblem used to decorate and identify an individual or family.  From what I understand, to put it simply, it’s a special symbol or mark to recognize a family.

Can I say it’s kind of similar to a company logo or the last name (or surname) that we have?

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You can know who they belong to by just looking at kamon.

From the source that I’ve found, it has more than 800 years of history!  The original designs had about 200 types but now they’ve already expanded to 20,000 types (variations) and above.

The types of designs can be anything for instance, flower, bird, horse, star, moon, nature and many more.  The style is simple, neat, graceful and elegant.

Hence, you can find such design in this Kamon mt masking tape.

mt ex kamon tape


It’s better not to further the explanation over here.  If you are interested in knowing more about the history, you may click the link above.

Even though it is just washi tape, sometimes it’s good to find out a little bit more about the history, background and design motive.


Is there anything interesting behind the design?

Is there something you can learn from the design?

I believe the knowledge that you acquire will help your design better, by just knowing a little more.


You know, I should have done this.

It’s my mistake for not finding out the history beforehand.

All I can think of is…

Why not use mt ex kamon masking tape to adorn the page today since the quote (image) has a lot of flowers and bushes behind the little girl?  Birds and rabbits can be found in such places right?

On the right side of the journal, the gold color tape is added to kind of blend in with kamon mt tape.  Besides, you can cut the pictures out separately and use them as stickers.


It’s just a simple intention.  This is because I found it hard to use at first.  Not sure of a better way to decorate it.

I hope you enjoy the article today!  Click here to find out more how you can use this Kamon washi tape in a different project.

If you have this exact kamon adhesive tape by mt, how do you use it actually?  Do share your tips in the comments below!


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mt ex kamon masking tape


mt washi paper masking tape gold



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