Mountain mt Washi Tape – A Reminder To Keep Me Moving Forward


While I was reading some motivational quotes from the Success Quotes app, this particular quote popped out…

“To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will”


Mountain mt washi tape


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Quite incidentally, I came across this particular masking tape – mountain mt washi tape when I was searching for a perfect lovely tape.  I thought, “Okay, why not use this for my Gratitude Journal today?”

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The width for this is 35mm (1.38 inches) and it’s part of the mt mina series.  Does it look like the famous Mount Fuji in Japan?

The other two blue washi tapes are basic colored tape from mt Kamoi.  There are merely decorations in the journal.  These can be obtained in an individual pack or in a set – ten rolls in a white box.



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Why use mountain deco tape?

Have you ever tried hiking before?  How do you feel when you are about to hike, during the hike, when you finally reach the top, and after the hike?

Depending on the hills or mountains, there is an easy or difficult path.  Which one do you choose?  Do you try to hike a different route or always stick to the same?

Honestly speaking, I’m not good at sports.  I was chatting with my relatives the other day and found out that some of them just couldn’t run too far, not to mention take part in any marathon.

We can only keep fit through a healthy diet, rests when necessary, yoga, dancing, aerobic and mild exercise.

So hiking is quite an uphill task for me.  But I tried a few times anyway.


When I was at the foot of the hill, I was kind of nervous wondering if I could make it.  Well, it’s a shame to tell that it’s considered relatively easy for other people.  I’d assume experienced hikers or people have better stamina.

Anyhow, I took a deep breath, followed my friend, and we headed straight to the forest.

It’s steep… for me.

“Should I tell my friend… hey, can I wait for you in the rest area down there?”

I observed other people.  They all seemed to have wonderful stamina and hiking up and down non-stop even though they looked elder than me.


What I could do was to keep climbing, no matter what.  And finally, we reached an easier walking path where we could relax, sit down and enjoy the fresh air.

I don’t want to mention going downhill.  It’s just not that fun.  If you were too slow, you were far behind everyone else.  If you attempted to run fast, you might fall.

Was I weak or even abnormal?  Was I in a competition, or was I competing with myself?


Isn’t it similar to things in life?  For example, if someone wants to quit his/her job to pursue their own dreams?  Or, what about taking a gap year to work in a foreign country and experience a different life?

It is risky if you take a different path.

Most people are working in a so-called stable job and getting a monthly income.  And you?  You’ve finally decided to do something you love, but you still can’t see the income coming in (yet).  Will you give up or just continue?  Will you get help and find strategic plans to move forward?


And along the way, you will encounter countless obstacles, challenges, self-doubts, disappointments, people who support your dream, people who will support you but are still skeptical, not to mention naysayers.

Hence, it’s important that you believe in yourself when nobody else will.

Believe in yourself that you are capable of accomplishing wonderful things.


Coming back to hiking, I only managed to reach half of the hill.  But for me, it’s already quite an accomplishment considering I feel hopeless in sports.  Even though I was tired, it’s a marvelous experience.

If I practice more and build up my stamina (perhaps I should consider moving house next to a hill or mountain next time), I shall be able to conquer the hill, make it to the top and be a champion!

The mountain masking tape is a great reminder whenever I see this journal.

Believe and take the necessary steps to make your dreams happen, even if they are just baby steps.



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